MrEmote and policetonyR 2019: "Believe in Firestone"

“Believe in Firestone”

2019 Spring Gubernatorial Elections Campaign Speech

Presented by: MrEmote & policetonyR

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  1. Table of Contents

  2. Introduction

  3. About the Candidates

  4. Executive Branch Reform

  5. Restoring competence in Congress

  6. Foreign Policy Initiative

  7. Conclusion


For too long, politicians in Firestone have been going against the purpose that in which they were elected for. We’ve been crippled by the lack of management and rules in Congress, corruption within specific areas of the Executive Branch, and individuals believing that they are bound to change things whenever in fact all they are doing is hurting themselves, and most importantly, the people of Firestone. Now, it is finally time to put an end to all of this and raise our government up from out of the ashes. Since the beginning of this year, Governor CanineEnforcement has made progress to combat the problems that we encountered during the Butsworth Administration, however, we believe that we can do more. We believe that we can do more by doing things such as re-structuring the Executive Branch to fit the needs of every state worker, and most importantly to serve the purposes that we need it to serve. Over the past month and a half, we have created a comprehensive outline that restructures the Firestone Executive Branch and is a hybrid of different role-playing communities. We believe in a systematic, and organic structure that serves purpose - not interests, which is why this speech is mainly based around the restructure of our government as we know it. From Tony and I, we hope that you will put forth the competence in our leadership, and only then when that happens will we be able to finally breathe, and be proud of the state that we have cultivated over the period of the next few months.



I’m deeply thrilled that I have the opportunity to run for Governor of the State of Firestone, I believe that the people have the confidence and trust in me to govern both efficiently and effectively. I first joined Firestone in the later stages of version one and became an active politician in the community just about a month after. I’ve served in almost every aspect of the government and was at once apart of the law enforcement community that we have. I believe that it is important that we protect the interests of the people while working accordingly to provide for a resolution that works for everyone. I believe that we have been crippled by the false sense of progression, there haven’t been many administrations that have served that will be as willing as I will be. Since announcing my candidacy, I’ve outlined a bold vision for the future of Firestone. I want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity for equal justice, and is able to strive under the conditions that we have placed them within. I am thrilled to be running for Governor, and I hope that you can count on me and my administration to lead Firestone in the right direction.

Past Experiences

  • Speaker of the House

  • Speaker Pro Tempore

  • Three-term Representative

  • Senator

  • Firestone State Patrol | Trooper

  • Department of Public Safety | Public Awareness

  • Department of Justice | Public Relations Representative

  • Department of State | Assistant Secretary of State, Senior Counselor

  • Prominence | Deputy Mayor, City Clerk

  • Redwood | City Council

  • County Government | County Council


I joined the State of Firestone in early 2017, and am completely familiar with the concept of the legislative process and how Congress works. During my time, I have passed legislation that has put the interests of the people first, and have combated useless legislation away from Congress. I have made it a commitment of mine to improve Congress, which is why just recently I ran and won for President Pro Tempore elections within the Senate. I have nothing but good intentions for the Senate and look forward to working with a newly incorporated system of rules and regulations if we are successful come election day. I also have experience within the National Guard, Firestone State Patrol, and Sheriff’s Office, as well as other departments relating to civil services. I know how to get things completed and officiated, how to deal with Congress, and how to negotiate with others… believe me. Whenever it comes to passing legislation that the people show interest in, I’m the one who can get it done. I hope that by receiving your support, together, we can rebuild Congress back into a functioning and systematic structure that it once was by making smart and proactive choices and decisions in this field of business.

Past Experiences

  • President Pro Tempore

  • Four-term Representative in the House of Representatives

  • Senator

  • Firestone National Guard Sergeant, Military Police

  • Firestone State Patrol Trooper

  • Department of Homeland Security FPS, CRT

  • Department of Transportation Supervisor

  • Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy

  • BAR Certified Attorney

  • Law Clerk



The end goal of this plan is to inform the public on how we believe the Executive Branch should be restructured and operated during our tenure. We believe in an organized and organic structure, a structure that carries out the tasks that must be accomplished and upholds the ideology of tradition. This system fully carries out our needs in order to provide for a sense of both transparency and progression, and so that we can continue to serve the people to our fullest potential. This structure includes a reborn structure, policies on employment and communications, and much more information that has been reformed in order to ultimately keep the Executive Branch alive and well. The Executive Branch contains the highest offices of the land from within its branch, and must be properly cultivated and managed in order for it to be successful for the future. This Branch must be led by only the strongest minds, the ones who are properly fit and elected into office. Whenever we look upon our history, we may feel ashamed of how the Executive Branch keeps up with itself in this day in age. The offices under the Governor’s jurisdiction have been improperly incorporated and worked within, and thus it has created a collapse of its own values and principals. During our tenure, we plan to restructure the Executive Branch in its entirety. We want to re-incorporate the offices that have failed its past employees wrongfully and make the branch wonderfully progressive. We have laid out a bold vision for the future of this branch, and now it is time that we fulfill this vision by allowing for our people that in which we serve to reach their full potential.


The Office of Communications shall serve as the main function that deals with communications between the people and our administration. This office shall also be charged with overseeing operations related to schedulement of dates and events such as meeting with members of the Executive Office of the Governor, and related inquiries with the Lieutenant Governor as well. This office shall be led by the Assistant Chief of Staff for Communications, and under him shall be a Press Secretary responsible for representing the administration in public. The Press Secretary shall serve as a member of the cabinet, and may appoint a Deputy Press Secretary to manage registration with correspondents. There shall also be a Press Corps, made up of members of business corporations who register for a correspondent pass, which will grant them access to ask questions in private press briefings held by the Press Secretary.


Recently in Congress, we’ve seen a lot of distraction on the Governor’s part which keeps the administration alive from making progress. In order to eliminate the number of regulations and sub-edits put into place within Executive Orders, we want to institute a sense of bipartisanship and diplomacy in Congress. During our tenure, we will be opening up an office headed by the Assistant Chief of Staff on Legislative Affairs. The Office of Legislative Affairs will be tasked with negotiating with members of Congress and assisting in getting our initiative passed through efficiently and effectively in a swift manner. This office is incredibly important for progression during our administration, and by incorporating this office and working to restructure the rules of the Senate, only then once those goals are accomplished will we be able to make our envisions come true. This Office will employ a Senior Advisor, them acting as the Advisor on Legislative Affairs.


Remaining ethical during our tenure is a fundamental importance to us. The Office of the State Inspector General shall be headed by the State Inspector General, also referred to as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Ethics. The State Inspector General shall employ different Inspector Generals for each department. In order to ensure that fraud, crime, abuse, and other threatening actions are not taking place, this office shall conduct monthly audits on each department and submit them to the Chief of Staff, who will then forward them to the Governor at an appropriate time.


The Office of the Counselor shall be headed by the Counselor to the Governor of Firestone, also referred to as a Senior Advisor. The Counselor to the Governor shall be tasked with advising the Governor on all legal matters and actions that he takes throughout his tenure, including decisions that include a specific order of business.


Senior Advisors shall be deemed as cabinet-level positions but not actually transcribed within the cabinet. The group of Senior Advisors shall consist of the General Advisor, Advisor on Legislative Affairs, the Counselor to the Governor, Advisor on Domestic & Foreign-Related State Security (State Security Advisor), and an Advisor on Business & Economic Affairs.


The State Security Council shall be headed by the Governor of the State of Firestone and managed by the State Security Advisor. The State Security Council shall serve the purpose of managing on-going crisis situations both foreign and domestic and will meet often to discuss disclosed operations and functions within the Executive Branch.

The members of the State Security Council shall primarily consist of:

Governor of the State of Firestone

Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone

Chief of Staff

State Security Advisor

Secretary of State

Secretary of Homeland Security

Major General of the Firestone National Guard

Head Ambassador of the Department of State


The Domestic Security Council shall be tasked with creating and enforcing policy backed by our administration that applies to every department and agency within the cabinet. The Domestic Policy Council shall also assist in discussing and taking care of tasks that are related to subjects from within the State of the State Address, such as State Security, Health Reform, Innovation, and other important topics. The Domestic Policy Council shall primarily consist of:

Governor of the State of Firestone

Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone

Chief of Staff

Assistant Chief of Staff for Communications

Press Secretary

General Advisor

Advisor on Budget & Economic Affairs

Lieutenant Governor Chief of Staff


Events within the Executive Branch are what keep administrations alive and well. We believe that by increasing the number of events that take place, we can promote a healthier workplace by incorporating transparency, faith, and most importantly, trust with the people and leaders of other communities.


Will be held to assist in informing the people about on-going events happening from within the administration.


Will be held publicly in order to incorporate transparency of what we’re doing and what we want to be accomplished.


The Governor and members of his administration will answer questions directly from supporters and citizens.


Will be held to discuss matters between the State of Firestone and other states.


The Governor will publically listen to comments and concerns and answer to questions addressed directly from the people themselves.


Will be held in order to keep up with the different departments within the Executive Branch and ensure that they are fulfilling their role.


During our tenure, restoring competence in Congress will be an extraordinary goal of ours. If elected, upon entering office my Lieutenant Governor and I will sit down with other members of the Senate to draft out a set of rules that will be followed and ordered through during each session. These rules will include how sessioning fluctuates, the different motions and orders that are allowed, and other legal documentation that is necessary to be aware of while in Congress. It is also a goal of ours to unify both chambers with bipartisanship. We believe that by using our influence to increase the number of events that happen specifically for Congress and by unifying members with legislation that can actually get passed, only then will we have a sensible resolution to our aim of bipartisanship. Below, you can find an example of the rules and regulations that we want to instate in a comprised document that will be created over time called the Senate Manual.


There are many legs to Firestone foreign policy, but defense and diplomacy are the top tier components. Under this administration, we will make clear that defense and diplomacy will be utilized to its fullest extent and will be the essential tools in achieving our objectives on a bigger scale. Working directly with the State Department staff, this administration will make it abundantly clear that we will have a robust diplomacy approach and effective team to acquire the necessary tools for securing Firestone’s future.

Foreign Affairs continues to be a pressing issue facing our state, but with the right State Department, our issues will be handled diligently. Leadership starts at the top, that’s why we will be nominating a Secretary of State that will establish efficient progression, yet make needed changes in the Department of State that will expedite the process of contacting foreign leaders, producing treaties and accords, and reaching out to the people for their concerns as well.

Diplomacy isn’t done overnight without our alliances, it takes patience and the work of many

people to actually achieve it. The administration will be working directly with all of our alliances with secure communications to help avoid a conflict that could end up exacting a much greater cost.

Most importantly, this administration will be firm but wise with other communities. This administration won’t take drastic measures with our rivals but will offer a fresh start. We’re going to work directly with them to ensure that we’re open to restarting relations and to find common ground, but we will also make it known that we will stand our ground when needed. It’s important to never forget who we’re dealing with - not friends or allies, but countries that share the same common interests as the State of Firestone.


The outcome of this election is absolutely crucial towards the success of the entirety of the government of this state. We believe that by following through with our envision and creating a systematic structure for the policy that we publish is the ultimate solution towards winning in the end. As we have said before, we’ve outlined a bold vision for the future of the State of Firestone. We believe that every citizen, no matter if you’re working in completely different genres of this state, we understand your needs and how important they are in carrying out. We are aware of the struggles that you have been through, and now, it is finally time to reinstate our faith in Firestone.

You can reach me on Discord at :rice_ball:MrEmote​:dango:#2152 and Tony at tony#9999


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Full support. exquisite plans. Cannot wait to see what the future of Firestone holds.

SC Councilman
SWAT Tactical Sergeant


What about the lieutenant governor? I’ve heard Issues about him by troopers who DM me. Sure, he made it up with me, but what about the public?
The videos in the words are three reported to me. Before he got elected as PPT, he fixed it up with me. But what about others? I’d like for him to publicly address this to clear it up. This is indeed good plans. But what about these issues some of our citizens might be worried about?


Who haven’t you “heard” issues about? You snitch if someone breathes wrong.


Already apologized to the Lieutenant of FSP and the Lucas guy is unaccounted for, can no longer find his discord.


Great Quote



Alright, I have no issues with you, but what about some citizens? I’m fine with you presiding, but what about others? I’m not talking about myself here. Some citizens might be confused about that. I ask you make a public statement for your actions here. As these were reported to me by members in FSP.






Some good ideas if you can actually execute them. Not to say I don’t believe in yalls skills, specifically more so I feel its going to be really hard to fill all of those positions. Even if you do I personally feel like its just going to turn into the Rockport Capitol Staff but Firestone verzion if you remember how useful and active that position was. I don’t think you can come up with enough quality members to match the amount you need. If you are able to do so and it actually function as planned that would amaze me. The Inspector general idea would definitely be a good idea if you could execute it good but again it’s really going to count on if you can find quality people to hold those positions. The way I look at it, it’s kind of like the courts. The problem is not filling up the position that’s easy. The problem is finding quality people who are actually committed and motivated to do the responsibilities they are supposed to do.

Regardless these two candidates have been in the community a while and know a good amount of how the state functions and I believe they are qualified to hold the positions they are running for.



County Executive


Myself and Tony have had a few rough encounters in the past, however he has changed since then in a very positive way. It takes a lot of guts to admit fault and to sincerely apologize for it, and with that, Tony has my utmost respect. I have full faith that Tony and MrEmote will accomplish the goals they have listed above, therefore I fully support their campaign.




Endorsed and supported.


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Big Support!

Good luck with the campaign!
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nothing but support for the best congressmen fs has ever had.