MrEmote and Philip_Forth for Firestones Manifest destiny

MrEmote and Philip_Forth for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, January 2021




I, MrEmote, alongside Philip_Forth are going for walks in the Firestone Gubernatorial Election for Governor and Lieutenant Governor respectively. This manifesto become made to tell you of the progress we want to make within Firestone, in addition to facts about ourselves. every subject matter will have its segment with the cutting-edge state of the subject, and the adjustments will implement if elected to the workplace.



[I] advent

[II] A short phrase from the applicants

[III] Transparency

[IV] foreign policy

[V] kingdom protection

[VI] The govt department

[VII] The Judicial branch

[VII] The Legislative branch

[IX] Stapleton County

[X] conclusion


A brief-phrase from the candidates


residents of Firestone, thanks for taking your time to examine this manifesto. I’m Philip, strolling for Lt Governor on this election. I’ve been in Firestone for kind of a yr and a half now, and that I’ve been in more than one high position which includes:



DoT x2


With my considerable records and know-how of Firestone, the positions within it, and the law concerning it, I experience like I can be the maximum qualified man or woman going for walks on this election. I can faithfully defend and lead the executive branch inside Firestone. If elected, this period will be one of the most efficient terms ever. we can be that specialize in “fixing” the nation, making it transparent and smooth to recognize, and cementing us as a superpower amongst states, but much less isolationist, more willing to talk and fight for what’s right.



Salutations, I’m the Governor Gubernatorial Candidate. I have been in Firestone for greater than a yr, and at this current time, I am jogging alongside Philip in the imminent 2018 Gubernatorial Election.

My beyond positions consist of :



SCFD Paramedic



even though I might not have congressional revel in, I am more than able to learn a way to preside over the senate and common learning the congressional method, which has been a purpose of mine. but, presiding over the Senate is simply half of the job, additionally operating together with the Governor to assist keep the management green and a hit. Philip believes I’m able to take this workplace, and I wouldn’t be accepting such a possibility if I did not sense was as much as the assignment. must something show up to Philip, I feel I could be able to take price and hold thru the relaxation of the term. I have plans to position the Senate returned heading in the right direction, I sense the Senate needs to be preserving extra sessions as soon as a week is proving to be inefficient. conserving two or three every week should optimistically, improve the efficiency of the Senate and with any luck prevent the docket from continuously being cluttered.



inside the recent history of Firestone, the amount of categorized information and records this is kept hidden from the general public has accelerated and improved. We believe the government must be extra obvious. Our purpose is to declassify and launch things that have been sitting within the archive and pose no chance if they had been to be launched. In our minds, humans are above the government, and the authorities should be greater transparency.

To combat this, some of our plans of movement in this period could be to:

launch any vintage files that hold no extra relevance from the beyond phrases.

make certain that classification is given out to certain documents, no longer given out to sure humans to classify the whole lot they could.

the class will now not be something thrown around willy-nilly, however extra regulated and overseen utilizing the govt department.


overseas policy

these days the state department has been left to rot. Our goal for this management is to restore the national department and install our foreign coverage. We believe that we should be responsible for maintaining the peace between all inside the Ro-nation community. If we ought to deliver peace through power, we shall be ready to do it. We consider all have rights, and that we need to protect them during all of the states.

Our major dreams to try this are

Make ambassador a second task so we will get more humans to be ambassadors.

growth the power of our country-wide shield so we will act as a defender of peace and democracy all through the ro-states network.

paintings on making greater alliances with other states.

Shed our isolationist outlook to overseas politics, and rebuild the country department to what it should be.


state security

country security will be a priority for this term, with the upward thrust of recent criminal groups consisting of Massino, Quietus extended family, and others. putting these threats down shall be a concern, we plan to ship a message that Firestone is no haven for crime and we can come down on it difficult. the use of our intelligence organizations and state security forces, we shall convey those criminals to justice. need to they be the sort of hassle, the department of Justice will prosecute aiming for the maximum sentence. Equipping our protection organizations to higher combat the threat of prepared crime, rogues, or any threat to state security will significantly push us further towards our goal to a safer kingdom. we will take a stand against Massino who claims to be the new Silvani and produce them to their knees through the courts and any method essential.

To higher relax the country and carry out this venture, our course of action shall be:

To higher equip our intelligence companies which include the FBI and IO to better combat prepared crime threats which include Massino and its allies.

To better prepare our security forces to counter critical occurrences inside the county, i.e.: assaults, Rogue officers, Any critical danger To the country.

To make sure we can deliver criminals through prosecution using the justice department for the sentences that see fit.


The executive branch

The govt department has almost constantly been saved quiet and secretive. No extra. Our executive department can have a press division to tell citizens of the accomplishments and development of the department. allowing the chief of team of workers to steer this press division, advise the Governors, and paintings with the County extra, and no longer simply be someone to take notes at cupboard conferences. Giving our chief of workforce energy to work with the govt branch and is the general “Secretary” of the department.

some of our plans for the govt branch:

Have bi-weekly press releases.

Have bi-weekly cupboard meetings.

Have month-to-month press conferences.

consist of the clicking more in our branch, probably a press corps.


The Judicial branch

these days due to several resignations, the Judicial branch has been crippled. We plan to repair the judicial branch and get all 3 courts moving again. Filling the empty seats on the perfect and Appeals Courts ought to be a pinnacle priority. And normal, returning the courts to a stable country and being capable of upholding the constitution and the law shall be a huge victory towards a fairer state and state security.

Our plans to do that are

Nominate extra able Justices to the Courts.

Fill vital Vacancies (along with the very best and Appeals court docket)

allow stricter and greater various punishments, like fines.


The Legislative department

The Legislative Department has long past quiet for the past month or. now not much has come about within it, besides the tried impeachment of AmerlcanLaw, and there are nevertheless several amounts of loopholes that can be found within our payments. Congress is likewise constantly having dwindling member counts. A way we can fix this is by utilizing making greater committees and councils for Congress, and making Congress greater thrilling compared to an area in which the handiest payments are studied and also you need to decipher the regulation-making mumbo-jumbo inside the bill.

other capability fixes could be:

deliver Congress more energy to raise themselves and make rules.

allow for masses of committees and councils, who can make our legislative device extra thrilling.

encourage more human beings to run for Congress, if they’re in a secondary process.


Stapleton County

Stapleton County has been these days failing to uphold the citizen’s requests. After the recent resignation of the County govt who was referred to as for the elimination of the county authorities. It seems to have become an exceedingly debated subject matter inside the realms of FS Politics. We agree that is it not the awful county, but the human beings who’ve chaired it. instead of putting off the county authorities, we need to compromise on the problem and look toward locating higher humans to run it. we can set up this by using restarting the capitol body of workers program which allowed legislators to lease the workforce to help them with their responsibilities. This system acted as an “apprenticeship” closer to aspiring politicians in Firestone and helped them get onto the political stage. finally getting rid of the county government takes away a critical part of the illustration, the neighborhood level, and sincerely, it wouldn’t fit with the realism that Firestone is built upon.

In summary, our plans are.

temporarily suspend the County authorities

Re-establish the Capitol team of workers to assist Legislators and typical assist aspiring politicians advantage revel in before coming into the real realm of FS Politics

After a while, unsuspend the County authorities and make contact with them for complete elections.

average the decision of what occurs to the county government is left into the hands of the residents of Firestone, and we are equipped to concentrate on the humans and admire their decisions. if they want the County government removed, it shall take place, but, we believe keeping the county government could average help improve representation and performance in the long run.


New leadership, this list will be a small plan of our changes to departments heads

Ftlicous will be offered the DHS secretary position.

If Ftlicious goes to DHS, FSP will be handed over to SirAnthonyMelchett.

To finish, I Philip_Forth, along MrEmote have a few revolutionary thoughts we wish to put in force. Departments and Branches we desire to restore, and typical exchange the standing of Firestone within the Ro-States network as a superpower, a keeper, and bringer of peace, enforcing rights of all ROBLOXIANS massive and small. We intend to implement extreme reforms to departments, improve the energy of our militia, and better cozy the state from threats, overseas and domestic. We thank you for studying our manifesto, and we will assume your guide for a higher and extra obvious Firestone!



Gubernatorial Candidate


Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidate




too many words cba to read


Will you allow the castle doctrine to be put into law? My personal body is a castle and frankly if hecxtro tries to touch me again I want to be able to shoot him.




I dont support terrorists, i join them.


Emote wtf you said yes to this with philip in VC.


He’s joking we both are running


fucking furry


We both believe in no foreign policies and relationships with other states. So we are willing to offer people money to terrorize other ROBLOX states

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war? yes or no?

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War, lol basically the Russian and Ukraine border type situation after we get elected


i dont like fng just sitting in v2 showing off. I want them to BE ON OTHER STATES SHOWING THE STRENGTH OF FIRESTONE NATIONAL GUARD


support, great unibomber manifesto.




support. I didn’t read it tho but I support glory to the party

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I don’t know to read so no idea what this says



if i do not run these men have my greatest support, no men are as sexy and as qualified as these gentlemen that we lay our eyes upon on this fort nite.


i better see u at the debate >:(

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