Moving Forward

A quick snapshot from my brain:
My statements about us “not needing” any ambassadors were misguided upon further reflection.

Yet the point that both nominees to their respective ambassitorships were not prepared for the hearing remains. A confirmation is a time of celebration. This time that was not the case - unfortunately. I think both nominees are able to handle the job but need to know what exactly they are going to do before I give them the “thumbs up”.

In the future I will work with the departments to which the nominee is in to ensure that they are prepared to meet with us.

Also I urge any person who can nominate others for confirmation to make a public announcement so that I don’t have to question if they were legally confirmed or not.

I am not looking to fail anyone or prevent the Dept. of Health from operating. Each nominee has had their issues. I hope that the Governor can find someone with no issues but I am concerned about the fact that suddenly accusations are placed against these people whichout much evidence right before their confirmation. Therefore, I will be demanding more evidence- as you have requested- before taking action.

Finally, I am working with the county on their wage bill and I hope it will pass (I am looking into removing the unused political parties but that’s still a wip).

All of these wonderful things should not be cut down because I demanded more from nominees than simple stammering. If you don’t know what your assignment is post confirmation please find it out - again I will try to help you be prepared but there are somethings you just have to know.

I understand that some of you may be upset for how I handled some of these bills but I hope you rest easy knowing that I am here to make this state better.

If you want to rant on here about how awful I am then then “x” button to close your browser is above for your use.


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i hung with both these ambassadors 2 days ago they knew what they were doing


with mayflower gov when he came to vote


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Yea I have no idea of what any of this is


Both of these nominees for Health Secretary were competent individuals. Any “evidence” presented against Jonathan (although there really wasn’t any) was over six months old. Any “evidence” presented against Pent (although it was mostly out of context messages) was over a year old.

Tell me, which would be better? A Secretary who can run the department, or a Secretary who’s never been in trouble in his life?

Not everyone is a golden boy Chris. There’s plenty of out of context messages and disciplinary records that could’ve been brought up at my confirmation too, yet I unanimously passed.

With Jahan, Pent, and Jonathan out of the running, I seriously wish you good luck on confirming a competent Secretary. I am telling you that you messed up, and that should mean something coming from the FFA Director. I know who is qualified to be the Secretary of Health, while clearly you do not.


Did you copy and paste that.


Duh, I was reading that from google when i open forums and saw this


true ^ anyway i agree with fighting


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