More Options to LEO handcuffs


Can LEO’s have this option where they can detain the suspect and set them down on the sidewalk just like in real life? This would make Firestone very realistic and it would help the Officers a lot. We can use it to question suspects and determined what happened instead of just arresting someone right away.


I do hate I have to stand still wherever I cuff someone. I wish I could move them.



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Pretty sure this is in the works for V3

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I mean you can always just put them in the back of your car, as usually they detain suspects in the back of the police car not the fucking sidewalk where they can run

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The problem is most suspects decide to FRP as soon as you release them when you said brings or grabs.


I definitely agree. A cuff system like Mayflower’s would be perfect.

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Great idea. You have my support.

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