More Luxury Cars

Add more stuff like Convertibles, BMWs, etc. Right now, everyone just races around in Chargers and SRTs, and it’s very boring.


Go to v3 lol


this just brings us away from v3 instead of to v3

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People really need to stop shooting down suggestions simply because it puts a slight hiccup in the time to V3. V2 is still playable. Everyone can still do their jobs, pursue careers, etc. If it’s something that’s in V3, great. You’ll see I noted Ro_dog22’s comment as a solution. That’s satisfactory enough in this situation. V2 suggestions shouldn’t be ignored just because V3 is another project on the way. It shouldn’t be the end goal for this community.


The point is if we keep adding things to V2, nothing will be done in V3 as some of these things take lots of time

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Pretty sure fed is building the new vehicles like the F-150. Fed can already edit scripts. The vehicles are already made, all that needs building is the body. V3 is practically done except for Env’s script overhaul as far as I know.

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