More kinds of government (and company?) plates

What would you guys think about different kinds of license plates for all the different department vehicles in V3? I feel like 1 “Government vehicle” plate shared by all departments is somewhat stupid, so some I would suggest include these

  • A plate that says “STAPLETON COUNTY” along the bottom for SCSO, SCFD, SCPA vehicles
  • Plates for municipal PDs with the department seal on the side (or maybe only for Prom as it’s the capital)
  • A unique FSP plate with a new design, since state police agencies usually get a plate different from the regular one
  • I guess remaining departments just keep the current gov vehicle plate with maybe the addition of their seal, not sure what else they could get
  • I also think businesses should get a “COMMERCIAL” plate, and taxi and bus businesses get DOT’s “TAXI” and “BUS” plates as well



I guess it’s a nice idea? Generally most people won’t notice or won’t care about minor aesthetic updates like this.


too many plates wont happen.

I think it’s fine how it is, anything more would just make it look too-complex and ugly.

Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t they have their own plate already? If not I also don’t see that changing

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