Mobile radio/headphones

Now, I don’t know if this is already intended for V3. But this would be cool to be implemented in V2 and/or V3 (mainly V3).

Put simply, I think there should be something like the car radio, but you carry it round when you’re walking.
Not a boombox.
Maybe earphones or headphones and you put music on them. And if you go close to someone with music on their headphones, you can hear it slightly too.

This would be nice so you can go do stuff in V2 but you don’t have to rely on your car for music.

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With the music app in v3, I don’t think this is needed


alternatively: play music on youtube

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would the incident w/ rhythm & groovy happen tho

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literally open a chrome tab and play music on youtube


no cuz they were using the youtube API for a commercial purpose, which you cant do in roblox


useless, no support