Medevac Stretcher

Okay so, on the old helicopters there were stretchers that you could lower and then raise back up into the helicopter. For some reason, they got removed.

I think that they should add this back as it could make more roleplay scenarios like medevac coming to airlift a patient in critical condition (if they meet the air life requirements). This would give medevac more things to do as they have to move the stretcher strategically so that it would be on the boat. Once it is on the Coast Guard or SAR boat either one of them could secure the patient in the stretcher and then give medevac the go-ahead to lift them back into the helicopter.

This is just another opportunity for roleplay and would be fun for citizens and ASU as it would be something else to work with.


As being the old MR Commander, the MR Helicopter did have this old stretcher, but it was incredibly fucking broken. When a patient was airlifted up, if they jumped they would either be flung, or in very few cases they’d stay on the stretcher but miss the jump into the actual helicopter. As such if the Development team could implement a better system for the V3 where the patient is airlifted then say teleported into the actual Helicopter then it’d be good, but until then it should stay removed.

Airlifts can still be conducted so long as there is an LZ Setup nearby and the patient is in a stable condition for transport. But as I said, the stretchers were removed for a reason of being extremely unstable and I could only see this functionality being re-added into V3 if fixed.

I’ve seen these in-game awhile ago however it should be in the pilot’s interest to land & go with the patient when able to. The hoist is dangerous especially in hard weather conditions, a lot could go wrong.

A great example of the stretcher would be a patient in rough waters being rescued by S&R or CG. The pilot lowers the hoist and the rescue swimmer connects and signals to the pilot to lift.


These were accidentally removed when updating the helicopters a long time ago. This will be fixed and functional in the next V2 update.


Fixed in next V2 update!