McKenzieAbram for Senate

Hello, I am McKenzieAbram and I would be honored to be a senator within the State of Firestone.

While I’m not someone who’s popular or important within Firestone, I’ve always observed people and I also interacted with the community. When people start talking about politics, they seem confused about the legislation and different laws within Firestone. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to make a change and help people understand.

I promise that I will:

-Find ways to give local governments such as Arborfield and Redwood more power

-Help to remove unnecessary laws

-Find ways for civilians to become more involved in politics

  • Make public government documents easier to find.

I want to give local governments more power because I’ve noticed that the local governments don’t get as much attention as they should get. I want to help out with this since I personally feel like the cities and districts within Firestone deserve more. I also feel like removing unnecessary laws will be useful because some of the laws within Firestone have more downsides than benefits. Removing these laws could make it easier to make new laws that are more useful in the future. I want to get more citizens involved with politics because at the moment, it is difficult to start understanding everything. This results in hundreds of Firestone citizens losing interest in the government. Because some people aren’t interested in the government, less citizens vote and stand up for things they want. Lastly, I want to make public government documents easier to find. Currently, you have to search through different discord channels, servers, and documents to find the information you need. I think it would be better to give newer citizens a better chance at succeeding by making it clear where all of the information is. Although some people think it’s easy enough, having multiple discord servers, trellos, and documents filled with government information can be confusing to newer people.

My impact and experience
While I admit that I do not have any political experience within the State of Firestone apart from my own research and studies, that doesn’t mean that I can’t succeed. I’ve been preparing for a government position for a long time and I’m willing to take this position and fulfill my role. I am also willing to go through the process of gaining certifications to help me progress through this journey.

If you have any suggestions or criticism that you want to tell me, please let me know by contacting me! My discord is JustWaiting…#8246.

Have a lovely day!


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Yes, I plan on regularly attending meetings by the county affairs committee and I will also bring attention to the county governments. Along with this, I will vote for legislation that will bring power to the local governments within Firestone.

Real life experience:
Former law and government explorer
Former law enforcement explorer
(I left since I’m moving back to England soon)

Firestone experience:
Department of Public Works
Capitol Gas of Firestone
Iconic drive-in

While I don’t have any certifications within Firestone, I am working towards a POST and bar certification.

That’s fine if you don’t want to support me, but I believe that my gender doesn’t matter if I can still do good things.

I’m just kidding I support u lol

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I suggest going through County Council or City Council before Senate or House. You have reality experience however lego experience can be different from reality

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I understand this, but I understand the Firestone government since I’ve been in the community for ~2 years and I’ve been on Roblox for even longer.

Please support me so I can become your Senator!

As I’ve been saying with other citizens running for senate. You do not have any previous legislative experience, thus far I am not supporting.

I wish you the best of luck though.

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(I am no longer running for senate, instead I will go for county council so I can have more experience for roles like this. Thanks to people who gave me advice and supported me!)

@moderators Candidate dropped out

Candidate dropped out of election.

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