Mayoral Statement Review of Redwood Jaywalking Ordinance


19 April 2018

From the Office of the Mayor, greetings,

It has recently come to the attention of the Redwood City Government that a recently passed ordinance conflicts with state statute to a point that will raise judicial concern. As a statement from the Mayor’s office, the city council is currently conducting an in-house review of the ordinance and will look to determine if the bill does indeed unlawfully or unnecessarily conflict with state statute. If it is determined that the R.C.O. 6 (Jaywalking Ordinance) does indeed meet the standards of unlawfully, illegally, or unnecessarily conflicting with state statute, the bill will be nullified or revised. While the review is ongoing, the ordinance has been placed on hold and shall not be enforceable until review is complete. The Redwood City Government acknowledges that the Firestone Supreme Court may conduct a judicial review of the ordinance, and should action of the court be taken before the disposition of the ordinance is revealed, the Redwood City Government will absolutely comply and respect the court’s decision.

City of Redwood