Making DHS or FNG DPS subordinates?

Ever since the DHS Department poll, there has been a lively debate on DHS. I mean, I’m just wondering what y’all think about this. I see a lot of controversy over DHS employees not being held to high standards and they get much stronger development support. I see both pros and cons to this happening.

Pros: Held to the same standards and every other department and DHS/FNG can be investigated by non-DHS/FNG personnel.

Cons: the biggest con I see the fact they they are both classified departments, meaning investigations would either need to be private, or they could expose a lot of classified information.

I honestly am very much for DHS and FNG never going DPS subordinate solely for the classified information stuff. I am damn near positive this will never happen, but change my mind. If you thing differently, why should DHS/FNG be under DPS?

What do you think about this, come V3 or whenever?

fed said no

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I believe the FBI was meant to do this

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and as we know, if fed says know, its a definite no!

The Department of Defense is set to be the ‘DPS’ for FNG, DHS and FBI. Solution given have a nice day

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Not even that I was lookin for a solution, rather what fellas think.

Most definitely not happening. For one, DHS and FNG can handle themselves if they can get the right structure which I’m sure they already have but probably need some fixes. Plus DoD is already there so need for DPS to poke there noses into things.

Welcom to the world of classifcation :fairy::partying_face:

no seriously dps cant touch their shit too much classified stuff

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This is a terrible idea.

DPS already has an overwhelming amount of power that needs to be limited. Giving them more departments to supervise, especially DHS, FBI, and FNG would be catastrophic. Not to mention DOD already supervises those departments.

the department of defense is a shit department only established to give a former governor a permanent spot as a cabinet member

i find it absolutely redundant, same as dps

having an external department enforce other department policies is kinda stupid not gonna lie

would be best if we had an internal division which held themselves to a non-biased standard, but looking at departments like fsp, i don’t think that’s ever gonna be effective


fun fact

according to the executive order that was issued when myself and ash were incumbent actually puts the DOD above the FBI, DHS, and FNG

up to bear if he wants to further it really, DOD is basically DPS for the aforementioned departments

as a former deputy secretary, I don’t think this makes any sense at all. it would not help dhs AT ALL.


I very much agree with that. The reason I made this was to pretty much to see if people’s views differ from mine on this topic. Ive talked to several people who thing DHS AND FNG should be under DPS, which I can’t get behind, but yea.

If people have an issue with Law Enforcement Agents, the courts are always happy to take cases :slight_smile:

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Arbitration is much better! Please consider out-of-court strategies.


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I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.

I think the Department of Defense does this. @CanineEnforcement don’t you investigate?

I agree, people really should be more open to settling. Makes life a lot easier for everyone involved.