Make LTAA'ing automatically 45 minutes in jail instead of a permanent ban

As we all know, when someone leaves to avoid arrest they temporarily think they got away with it, but then a few hours later they usually get banned. Well, maybe instead of banning people we can teach them a lesson not to do so and make it so they’re automatically put in jail for about 45 minutes. This will teach people not to LTAA, and at the same time still let them play the game.


I’m sorry, are you alright in the head?


I guess this may be a good idea for a 1 time warning, though other than that, it should result in a ban.

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thats a bit overkill but ok dumpster boi


First offense of LTAA isn’t a permanent ban, after the 3rd offense is (so 4+ LTAAs), it even states in the group description that you can/will get banned for leaving to avoid arrest/resetting

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I think you should get 30 minutes in jail automatically + a ban


are the 2 one week bans not lessons?

As Stamose said above, this could be good as a one time warning for those noobs who genuinely dont know that LTAA is bannable and who dont bother to read the game description. Maybe put in a message that says something like “You LTAA’d during your previous arrest, hence the lengthly prison sentence. LTAAing is bannable, therefore this is your one and only warning.” (Or something along these lines)

But after, they should be banned as they usually would. If they recieve a warning the first time and still do it then clearly the warnings wont work for that individual.


This is dumb, what if you disconnect? Then you are stuck in jail for no reason.

When someone LTAA’s, the ban request isnt actually sent automatically. The LEO that had the person in custody would be required to fill out LOVID and confirm it (like we normally do to arrest someone) for a ban request to be submitted.

My point is, it could be made to work the same way with the warning. That way if someone legitimately disconnects, the officer can just back out of LOVID and “Release” the person as to not stick them in DOC for 45 minutes.

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At least you’re not banned

People would just sit AFK in jail, get out, then do it again. Per ban takes care of them for good.