Make it so when you buy a gun, it save's when you leave/crash, and you only lose it when you die

So this is all an issue for everyone…you get into a server, play for 5 minutes, then…
BOOM, you crash! Not so bad, right? But it is bad when you’ve spent $500 on a gun, and it takes 3-4 IRL hours to make that money back? (That’s with the double income gamepass, and being a citizen). I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s fucking insane. I don’t feel like spending 3 hours in a game, sitting around, doing nothing, just to make back $500. It’d be better if there was something for the civs to do, but me being commerce dep sec, can’t do anything.
So developer’s. Please guys, just make it so you keep your gun when you leave/rejoin, and you only lose it on death. This shouldn’t even have to be suggested, but /shrug


developers will be too







Devs too LAZY

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Maybe only for legal guns… Since the crime rate is high enough

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