Make it so if you're hit by a car you take damage


Right now, the only purpose VA has is to annoy people, and on the other side getting VA’ed has no consequence, just the ability to legally kill the driver. Being hit by a car should be able to make you damaged and even break bones.


I’m pretty sure the amount of rammers V2 has would make this annoying really quickly. It would pretty also be annoying for FD to be called out to calls of people who got hit all the time.


Could we make it where it is the opposite???

If you ram into people or into an object then you suffer damage within your car.


dead bodies would be flying all over v2

nope, this would be the worst feature to be added, especially if you’ve seen V2 drivers

DOT would be overwhelmed, everyone would keep respawning & resetting to get a vehicle back, etc.

unless it can be scripted for the vehicle hitting another car getting damaged

I’m not sure if that’s hard to code, but doesn’t seem easy. You’d probably have to calculate velocities of differing vehicles and it’s just a mess. Unless this can be done in a proper way, I disagree.

ALSO, I really hate the improvised ‘solution’ to the car ramming problems by giving SCFD/DPW/DOT bus non-collidable vehicles. I think it’s a really ‘oh whatever let’s just do this to fix it’ solution. Cars are intentionally driving through them and parking inside them or whatever, and it doesn’t tackle the problem head-on. It also really reduces realism.

Another thing (obviously for v3) is accurate weight and size representation. From what I’ve seen, v2 car physics takes no more than 1 thing into account: speed. If a car is driving faster than another car and rams into it, the faster car wins: nearly without exception. This also applies to tow trucks and heavy vehicles which would LOGICALLY be pushed back just a little but instead gets flung into reverse. This is a pretty big issue, dunno how they’d do that in v3.

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if OTTAWA (a mano county game) can do it then we sure as hell can

sync_rblx :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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If that was the case everyone would be dead before getting out of Redwood, so no.

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