Lock Picks

Give your opinions on lock picks that could potentially be used to pick the locks on cars or on houses as I heard that people will be getting a home system in V3. This would allow for more role play in terms of grand theft auto. If this were to be added we might also see an introduction of a new crime to the criminal code such as home invasion or burglary. Maybe even a lock picking skill to increase your chances in succeeding at picking a lock.


no this would be mad annoying especially for civs who already have nothing to do and are just minding their own business

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yes if theres a cooldown or sum

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Yeah, as @JackTheKrazyGuy said in his reply there should be some sort of cooldown to the lockpicks or they’re a one time use.

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grand theft auto is kinda useless since people can just respawn their car

also problematic for government officials/state employees who might have some jank shit falsely pinned on them because someone recorded the license plate of a crim going loco crazy in a GO’s car

leave the misfortune to the idiots who leave their cars unlocked

home thing sounds kinda cool tho


I’ve always been wanting this, criminals could somehow sneak inside and do a puzzle to open doors for places such as DOC, FNG (dont think it even has a door thats grouplocked). car robbing is iffy since it can be respawned.

would enhance RP for breaking out since irl it isn’t always the actual prisoner breaking them out, but his colleagues or friends outside.

if they fail the picklocking, they have to take restart the process

if they fail like 3-5 times, it should break

if this is added pls dont make it over 100 dollars : (


lockpicks would be dope, could also add interiors to some houses and make players able to steal vases and paintings, electronics etc from them. LEOS would be alerted via a home security alarm or something.


this is actually a dope idea, the houses could even have simple interiors with stuff robbable such as the stuff you stated

would enhance the gameplay overall, more sources of income for criminals other then shooting LEOs and bank robberies 24/7.

places that could be robbed would be RW residence houses, arbor motel, arbor trailer park housing, prom apartments, maybe even some businesses in locations such as Greendale and Hillview

alarms would notify LEOs mid-robbery and not right at the start since irl robberies aren’t automatically reported by home security right away, its more of a mid-robbery thing, unless someone were to call

if some of these ideas were added to V2 it’d be cool :flushed:


Yes, this was my main idea and I would like to see it added, I’m glad that a lot of people like the idea apart from the car stealing.

I agree, I didn’t really take this into account but it could pose some serious impersonation issues.

Home invasions would actually be sick to respond to, add in like safes and other goodies for thieves to snatch up and sell. As an added bonus, civs that own homes could buy security systems that would alert police after a certain amount of time (delay to actually give crims time to crim (maybe like 2 mins or something)) if a break in was detected at a house.


Ok my dumb ass didnt notice the comment like four comments up that says basically the same thing mine does but mine still stands ok

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Grand Theft Auto has always been an idea considered for FS. To the point were SpaceK’s old carpicking system was implemented in V2 cars, and from the outside it looked like it worked. It just never came to fruition, most likely @getenveloped has a reason for this but I cannot remember if one was stated.

With V2 how it is currently, Lockpicking of any sort wouldn’t be favorable to any party. As many have stated, you can now simply respawn your cars. If it was implemented in V3, there could be a system similar to that of GTA 5 where you cannot request a personal vehicle if one is already in use, that forces the user to not be able to respawn that particular car, but can spawn any other vehicle. Or by respawning that car, it files an instantaneous LEO Call about a Grand Theft Auto, who knows.

There are a lot of issues to work out, and I can safely say most of FS aren’t game designers nor particularly good with game balance, but the development team is filled with skilled and competent people who know what they’re doing. To surmise, good idea for V3, not so good for V2. V2 is on its last legs, with end of life updates provided by Fed, we need to let it die gracefully and not try prop up a corpse of what once was FS.

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Yeah, this was meant for V3, not V2 as you can see in the tags I added to this forum post.

yes but this would be possible for V2 if some houses were robbable

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They do this in Aigio. There was a gang that went around doing multiple robberies at one time so that law enforcement would be stretched thin and the criminal could get away. This can easily be a big problem, and it’s not really a good idea.

there would obviously be some sort of system where theres a timer per few mins

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That’s not a bad thing though. It gives criminals the upper hand if they organise themselves and do multiple things at the same time. Bigger risk, higher reward. It awards them the ability to rob areas while also needing to have the right equipment rather than just click and rob, with a method like the old Norfolk bank heist of having to find the exact crowbar, the Dynamite etc.