Letter to Residents of Redwood, from the Office of the Mayor


9 April 2018

From the Office of the Mayor, greetings,

As my first statement since being elected, I would first like to thank all of my supporters for your support. I know that the entire idea of municipal governments is frowned upon by some people, and there are some who believe they will fail, but I will work my very best to ensure this is not the case. My first order of business as Mayor is to sponsor elections for city council. There will be five council positions open, and I’ll have more on this shortly. Once council is elected, we can get the ball rolling on other things. Also, there are currently two offices of the city separate from the Mayor’s Office in the works, those being the Office of the City Clerk and the City Attorney. I’ll have more on these positions as they develop. For those of you who are presently or wish to be a Resident of the City of Redwood, there are also Residency Declaration forms for you, which will be administered by the City Clerk in the best scenario. I look forward to making great things happen for the City of Redwood. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for me at any time, feel free to contact me, and I’ll address your concern as soon as I can.

City of Redwood


You rock!


Sounds like a good plan! Hope you change Redwood in a positive way!

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Sounds good. I believe that Redoowd will definitely change.

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