Let's Talk About The Gone But NOT Forgotten...Ford Crown Victoria!

Ah, the Ford Crown Victoria.

The name might ring a bell because it is so commonly using in police departments all around the country. It was one of those cars where if you see one, it was most likely a cop. It has that stealth silhouette and it is known as the “King of Cop Cars”. Unfortunately you see less and less of them on both firestone (if not any) and irl roads now than ever before. Most irl U.S departments stopped production a year ago or more. In my opinion, that day was one of the worst days in car industry history. They are American classic cars! There are so many civilian modeled Ford Explorer’s, Dodge Charger, and Ford Taurus’s that only less than 5% are actually law enforcement vehicles. Compare them to the Crown Victoria when nearly 75-80% of them were involved with law enforcement.

The CVPI will always be the #1 police car without a doubt. What do you think?

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im more concerned that bmw had to halt production on police cars here


I don’t know the exact models, bu when i lived in South Carolina, they used a small number of BMWs… Both marked and unmarked (I think more unmarked) I haven’t heard of any of these issues with them…

i wonder if BMW is making this decision due to component issues or is it a disguised clap back at UK police forces


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their official reasoning is supply chain bottlenecks and they want to prioritise retail customers over their authority customers (i.e the police)

it just happens that it follows instruction from the npcc to not use bmws in pursuits due to issues with the engines… could have been either way


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