Legoroblox04 for House of Representatives, yikes

Good morning, afternoon and/or night. I’m legoroblox04 and I’m writing this at 12:37 AM Spain time (GMT+2).

Introduction: First of all, I’m bilingual (Spanish and English), obviously very few will know me because I have practically not done anything since my arrival in Firestone, a day I do not remember, a month that I do not remember either in 2018. What are my experiences? Let me give you a list:

  • Being a citizen since I joined.

  • 000.000% experience in any Department and/or agency linked to Firestone.

  • I tried to do the BAR but I forgot to send the answers, lol.

  • Participate successfully in a mass record expungement orchestrated by the best judge in the galaxy, DannyboyLaw.

I believe that’s all.

Why should we go for you?

I will be direct, obviously I do not force you with a gun so you can choose me, obviously my incredible lack of experience will be a result that can act against me, but I think that will stop me? Obviously not. Personally, I believe that participating in the HoR is one of the most “easy” ways to understand in depth or from a partial point of view, how the legislative state of Firestone works directly this is my first time running for this position, and how a new person will have mistakes, as part of human nature, and I will learn from my own mistakes and recognize that something is wrong in order to understand it and be able to create possible solutions, I would like to establish the following: I am willing to cooperate with my colleagues in the House, as well as to cooperate with the Departments, listen to reasons and obviously use common sense.

What are my goals?

At this very moment, I do not have any. It’s not like I’m not thinking about one but I can not establish one in particular, that can be both effective and helpful and that possibly, it is necessary, I’m really more interested in understanding a situation before promoting an objective that can change with the future, I will always be open to future ideas or plans that can bear fruit for the state whether they are housemates, agents of a department or citizens.

My conclusion.

Possibly, of all the good options is not the most optimal and/or suitable for the candidacy it’s natural because of what I put, obviously I never contributed to Firestone except to participate in some other decent RP in Stapleton, therefore, I believe that this is one of the best options to contribute to the optimum level for me. Feel free to vote If you believe I’m fit for this position, thanks.

  • legoroblox04

I don’t know if you are travelling or you live in spain. But if you do then you might have a difficult time attending sessions.



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I live in Spain, but I’ll find the solution.


@Chill_Bunniez close this ASAP


Not enough signatures to make ballot.