Legal Jobs

Time and time again we see people suggest legal jobs. The development of v3 is on-going and I understand that there will be more civilian focused features in v3, but v2 is becoming extremely repetitive. There are constant kidnappings and bank robberies, simply because there is no other way to earn money. If there were to be more ways for legal citizens to earn money without needing to join a department, there would be a significant improvement in roleplay. Here are a few legal features that could be added:

Ore Mining

Ore mining could be a simple way of earning money. You would buy a pickaxe from a store (sporting goods for example) and you would drive out to the mining field (could make it off of the new road near the cabin). You would simply walk up to a rock with your pickaxe out and click, swinging the pickaxe. When mining, you would have a 40% chance of getting nothing, a 30% chance of getting stone, a 10% chance of getting gold, a 6% chance of getting diamond, and a 4% chance of getting an emerald (for example). The ore would then go into your physical inventory in which you would drive to a dude (we’ll name him dave) at the cabin or something where you could sell the ore. Stone would sell for $30 apiece, gold for $50 a piece, diamond for $100 apiece, and emerald for $500 apiece. You could simply do this over and over earning a fair bit of money.


Farming would be another simple way of earning money. You would go and drive to farms and pick wheat (or something like that), you would have a 70% chance of getting nothing and a 30% chance of getting a piece of wheat. If you were to buy a hoe, you would then increase your chances to 50/50. Wheat could sell for about $25 to $30 apiece.

Oil mining

Another job could be oil mining. You would grab the necessary tools (idk how you would be able to roleplay that one) and go to an oil field where you would have a 90% chance of not receiving anything and a 10% chance of receiving oil. You would then drive to Capital Gas where you could sell the oil, the more oil that is sold, the more gas prices go down. Oil would sell for about $500 a barrel (apiece).

Delivery man

Another job would be a delivery man. An individual could drive to prominence and start the job there, to which their paycheck increases to $19 every 5 minutes. They would receive a van (it would be frp to do crime in the van) and would be put into worker’s clothes. From there, they would pick up packages and drive to Arborfield residential and redwood residential, as well as, select businesses across the map, to deliver packages. When delivering the package, you could be paid anywhere from $50 to $150 per package.

These are just some quick ideas I’ve thought of that I believe would be amazing for roleplay and a good way of earning legal money. Of course, I don’t know how difficult it would be to script this in, build it, and provide the appropriate tools. I would love to see at least one of these added into V2 as it would actually give incentive for legal people to go on the citizen team.

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I don’t understand why legal civs complaining. Get a government job, or go crim… It’s really not that hard?


I mean, then the game just becomes a cops v robbers game, yo become a criminal you need a LOT of time & effort to make money, find out dealer locations, try to become friends w/ others to play with, etc.
and for being a LEO you gotta go through POST which now has 20 questions as the entry application, requiring like a paragraph for each. not to mention the tiers which take 2-4 hours depending on the Instructors and doing a quiz right after to graduate and get a POST Cert

to then apply & do the department’s training process

so imo it looks like its a lot of work for both


I like all of those ideas, as it would make the county more fun and more legal civ friendly. It really wouldn’t hurt with more things to do in the county anyway, I’m all for enhancing roleplay and variety


You’ve perfectly encapsulated why v2 sucks


u are so restricted to those two things


Perfectly said.


Another couple of ideas for legal activities:


Players could go to (whatever the sports store is now) and pick up a rod and bait. They could then head to the water and fish either off of the docks or in the water on a boat. It could be made so that the further out you go the better fish you can catch. Then when you’re out of bait you can go to the fish like store in Redwood and sell your fish for profit. The bait can kinda work like ammo for the guns, and there could be some sort of variation to how often you catch something and how rare certain fish are.


Players can head to the Laundromat located in Prominence. There, they could take dirty laundry out of bins or hampers, and put them into a washer. After a minute or two they could swap them out and dry them, then put them on a rack and get paid.


This would probably be a bit tricky to implement, and would probably cause some lag. But basically you could buy an axe from from a hardware store, go out into the forest and cut down trees for lumber. The lumber could then be sold for profit. A system could be made so that as time goes on, more and more trees grow making logging a sorta necessary thing to prevent overgrowth, idk. And maybe every once and a while you find some sort of collectable, such as rare berries or a stash of money in a stump. Could also give park service something to monitor / regulate once they’re established.


oil isnt mined, it comes from hunting whales.


do you mean 2? that’s lower then the regular civ pay rate. (taking into account that the regular is 8/2, 8*2 is 16 then add another minute which is adding 4)


Some of us don’t want to get a government job or go crim. I’ve done many legal businesses and jobs, none of which have been paid. I’m trying to enjoy an experience not a money grind with that I’m looking for more civilian based things as that’s the type of player I am. Just like crims, and members of departments are consistently asking for things and getting them, we normie civ’s want to be able to enjoy V2 for more then just standing next to the bus station bantering.


Salutations, Chaser.

I strongly agree in regards to your suggestion that legal jobs needs to be implemented into the State of Firestone game, however, your ideas of legal-job employments is a bit concerning to me, sir, for reasoning’s but not limited to, I will state bellow.

Well, I believe users would suffer from boredom, when conducting the duties of said suggested employments, because like who wants to just stand there, just clicking or whatever?

Secondly, when you state the duties description of a Delivery Man, I believe the van would be taken advantage from criminals and so forth. Overall, it’s not really a good idea to implement that specific employment, without the requirement of some sort of application, you know, a process.

Thirdly, when you refer to the Ore Mining duties description, I believe users could easily take advantage of said feature(s), and use auto clicker and so forth.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours Truly,
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you’d have to purchase the van, or use your own vehicle.

What would a delivery van even do? it isn’t like its a sports car

If theres some sort of process to go to locations and click a keybind such as “E”, nobody would apply for the jobs, making it useless

You wouldn’t just click one said area, you’d be clicking different locations and doing different tasks while doing them


This was something I brought up in the general voice channel with fed the other day. I’m a citizen, government official or not, but the only thing I can actually do it sit near the bus stop with a gun, waiting for someone to attack me. What’s the fun in that? None whatsoever. These ideas are great to consider for v3, and I know some of these have already been talked about.

The mail-delivery system was mentioned, and considered as part of the responsibilities of the Firestone Postal Service, which is a legal commerce business. Lots to consider for v3, and hope citizens will have more opportunities to want to be engaged in-game, rather than just partaking over discord.


I feel like instead of it being a commerce business it should just be a open & public job that anyone can make money from


That would enhance RP, and would allow for the better of v3. But you know, just as much as us developers, that you cannot change fedlaws mind.


Greetings Marcell,


Yours truly,


yeah it would since new civilians would have a way to make money quicker

I wouldn’t apply to become a postal worker to do application, training, and then a exam if I were looking for employment within Firestone, but I guess fed has already stated about how he’d like it to be a commerce job

a bonus from making this a public job is that criminals such as myself and others wouldn’t be committing crime 24/7 in order to make money, instead we’d also look at postal service, transporting and other small jobs that don’t have requirements.




Start a business? Organize events? You can make money outside of being in government or crim.