Lane Turning Director


Alright, so I was watching a video once and I came across something. There is a county which uses the back of their Lightbars as a way of signaling that they are switching lanes or turning. The reason we really need this is to avoid accidents and such. Every time I have to switch lanes citizens fail to yield, and when I turn on my turning signals they fail to pay attention so I have to slow down for them which is dumb. So what I’m thinking of doing is when lightbar is on and the officer presses D the pattern of the yellow lights are moving to the right meaning “I am turning to the right” and if they press A the yellow lights move to the left which means “I’m turning to the left”. It’s something useful and can save lives. It’s also a smart thing to do considering most of the Firestone Citizens fail to pull over, and keep driving like there’s no tomorrow.

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Or just hit the mofo. If they ignore your lights and sirens it’s their fault



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