Kodex1011 For House

Hello citizens of Firestone, I am Kodex1011.


Part I: Previous Experience
Part II: Why I should be elected
Part III: My Plans
Part IIII: Conclusion

PART I: Previous Experience

Currently, I hold the position of Firefighter in the Stapleton County Fire Department. I do have Political experience though. I am a Former Prominence City Councilman and County Councilman. I also served in Congress in Docklands before, serving 3 terms as a Senator. Lastly, I am a Former NUSA Representative, Senator and President, Serving 2 terms for Senate, 1 for HoR and President.

PART II: Why I should be elected

I should be elected to represent the people in the House because I have studied The Firestone Constitution, Bill of Rights and many laws passed by Congress. I know how Firestone works, and how the Government Runs. I believe that knowing how Firestone works is a big qualification. I also know how to write legislations, bills, etc.

PART III: My Plans

Of course all Political Candidates must have plans for if they are elected. One of my Plans is to keep Municipal Governments. I have seen that some State Legislators have plans to remove Municipal and maybe even County Governments. I also have some roadway and roadway safety plans. For one thing, I hope to make bills that will help bring down the MVA count. As a Firefighter, I know how often MVAs happen, and a lot of the time, they end with fatal injuries or death. I will also make press releases on MVAs, and encourage people to take taxis when they aren’t comfortable with driving.

PART IIII: Conclusion
Overall, I believe I am a qualified candidate for House. If you support me, please reply support.

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SCFD Firefighter

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Elections are done