Joshernaut & NinWin1 for the State of Firestone

2020 August Gubernatorial Election

Joshernaut for Governor of the State of Firestone & NinWin1 for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction to the Candidates
II. Executive Branch
III. Legislative Branch
IV. Judicial Branch
V. Administration
VI. First Term Goals
VII. Conclusion

I. Introduction to the Candidates

Joshernaut - Gubernatorial Candidate

Hello, I am Joshernaut. I joined the State of Firestone in February of 2018. I have been in a lot of positions within my time here, which gives me a lot of experience and knowledge about lots of departments. Some key positions I have held include the following:

-Sitting Speaker of the House, Firestone Former for 11th & 12th Congress

-Current Major in the Firestone National Guard

-Former Sergeant in the Firestone Department of Corrections

-Former Representative, Firestone 9th Congress

-Current Mayor of Prominence

-Former County Councilman

I began in early 2018, going through POST and graduating in Class 35. I immediately applied to SCSO and spent my time there until November. I also became an Instructor in POST, until resigning in early January of 2019. I joined FSP in January, spending my time there until about March, where I resigned and ran for the House of Representatives. I also enlisted into the Firestone National Guard, where I am a Major to this day. I as well joined DoC in January, where I became a Sergeant and only resigned a couple of months ago. I joined DoT and spent a month and a half there, before resigning to make more time for congress. I have been in the House of Representatives for 3 back to back terms now, and I have been lucky to be Speaker of the House for both. It has been the greatest honor representing you in the House of Representatives for that time. I feel I can spend this next term representing you, the people, as Governor of this State. Thank you.

NinWin1 - Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidate

Hello! My name is NinWin1. This is my first Gubernatorial Election, and I am honored to be delivering my opening remarks to the electorate. I joined the State of Firestone in January of 2018, where I first joined the Department of Transportation under the Straphos administration- where I currently serve as the Deputy Secretary. However, my resume doesn’t end there;

  • Former Peace Officer Standards and Training Deputy Director

  • Former Firestone State Patrol Captain

  • Former Senate Clerk

  • Former Public Defender (x2)

  • Former National Guard Sergeant

  • Former Homeland Security Secret Service Sergeant

  • Former District Court Justice

  • Current Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary

Since my arrival to the State of Firestone, I have been engrossed in the political climate of our three branches of government and their inner-workings. I believe in reformative change that the State of Firestone desperately needs. The constituents of this state have expressed their discontent for the current workings and the stagnant performance of past administrations. I have worked protecting the State of Firestone as a Law Enforcement Officer, defending the rights of criminals within the justice system as a Public Defender, and sustained accountability, public confidence, and equal treatment as a District Court Justice. I have worked in the lowest and the highest positions within the state. After experiencing numerous outlooks within both the Executive and the Judicial Branch, I believe it is time to utilize the skills I had developed over the past 2 ½ years in a position to serve the electorate of the State of Firestone as Lieutenant Governor alongside Joshernaut and create meaningful change.

I do not ask for your vote, rather, I look to earn your vote in September, 2020.

II. Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is by far the most important branch within the Government in the State of Firestone. Over the past few terms, we have seen ups and downs with the Executive Branch, especially with activity. If elected, our goal is to ensure activity is shown within ourselves and the Executive Branch as a whole. This includes continuing the reports tasked to our Cabinet Officials, and of course hosting Cabinet meetings to keep up on the state of our Executive Agencies. We plan to work closely with my administration to uphold standards of activity, competence, and quality within their respective departments during these meetings, and root out and solve issues found. Extensive and detailed reviews will be conducted on department under our term for every department, and results of such shall be released to the public to improve and ensure transparency under the Executive branch. Another issue that we have noticed is the lack of direct communication between the Executive Branch and the citizens of our State. To solve this, we plan on releasing monthly press releases simply going over what has been accomplished during that span of time, as well as hosting monthly polls on the forums to give our citizens the chance to voice their opinions on the state of the Executive Branch and discuss their thoughts. We promise to you, the citizens, that we will do an extensive review of the current Executive Orders and Memorandums and update them to ensure they are up to date with the current standings of our State.

III. Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is a vital organ which makes up the State of Firestone. This branch of government represents individuals from all walks of life- whose careers and experiences within this state are vastly different. Ensuring the Legislative Branch’s functionality is top-tier is of utmost importance. Activity shall be strictly regulated, with Senate Sessions being scheduled at least once per week under Lieutenant Governor NinWin1. This shall be enforced by strikes and public accountability. If in-person Senate Sessions are unable to be hosted, Trello Voting shall be made easily accessible to individuals within the State to provide for public confidence in their elected officials. Joshernaut’s direct experience within the Legislative Branch gives him necessary insight of the in’s and out’s of the branch, and we will work closely to ensure the Legislative Branch operates at its fullest capacity.

IV. Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch has recently seen revitalization under the stellar tutorship of the Judicial Mentorship Program, facilitated by Chief Court Justice Aerysional. Through NinWin1’s own experience within the program, our administration will look forward to supporting the Chief Court Justice’s nominated justices- all of whom are well rounded, educated, impartial and more than capable of serving on our State’s District Court. We look forward to close discussions with the Judicial Branch in terms of what they need in support. While we look for increasing the number of nominations to both the District and Supreme Court, we acknowledge and respect that such demands take time to foster- and the right individuals must be chosen to fit within these positions. Increasing the number of District Court and Supreme Court Justice’s, we shall take a slow and steady approach to ensure that the Judicial Branch shall flourish long beyond our administration.

V. Administration

Head of the Executive Branch

  • Governor Candidate: Joshernaut
  • Lieutenant Governor Candidate: NinWin1
  • Chief of Staff Appointee: FaneuilLaw


  • Firestone State Patrol Colonel: Code_Law
  • Peace Officer and Standards Training Director: nic0le_kely
  • Firestone Fire Academy Director: tow23r
  • Secretary of the Department of Public Works: DyingIntel
  • Secretary of the Department of Transportation: Slinkising
  • Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security: colorful_parrots
  • Secretary of the Department of Commerce: Aptable
  • Major General of the Firestone National Guard: Hobo_Bear
  • Warden of the Department of Corrections: KensterVids
  • Attorney General of the Department of Justice: UprisingAmerican
  • Secretary of the Department of State: Wolf_RBX
  • Secretary of the Department of Public Safety: t1dtony
  • Secretary of the Department of Health: Jahan22
  • Secretary of the Department of Aviation: iLordOfAviation
  • Secretary of the Department of Defense: CanineEnforcement
  • Director of the Firestone Park Service: Richie_Bear
  • Director of the Firestone Bureau of Investigations: Bjohn323
  • Secretary of the Department of Boating and Waterways: Clonemep

VI. First Term Goals

Our Administration looks forward to making meaningful and significant change. The following are goals we seek to accomplish during our 4 month tenure;

  • Re-establish activity and transparency within the Executive Branch
  • Extensively review the current committees under the Executive Branch and ensure they run with full stability
  • Better communication between the Executive Branch and the citizens of the State
  • A stable relationship between the Executive Branch and the Legislative & Judicial Branch
  • Slam down on corruption in the Government
  • Extensive review of all executive orders and established executive memorandums and update them accordingly to ensure they fit the current status of the state and the legislation provided.
  • Review our current Foreign Affairs and work with the Department of State on an updated Foreign Policy
  • Work closely with the Commerce Secretary and affiliated businesses to ensure the government can provide any sort of assistance, specifically in legislation to businesses within their new uprising in the state.
  • Provide full and utmost executive assistance specifically to the Firestone Department of Aviation that has a new found responsibility that has been overshadowed for far too long, and bring forth what they need in the department.
  • Work with the Department of Boating and Waterways to support their newest development introductions and provide all necessary executive oversight and legislative support that would be beneficial per departmental request.
  • Push and assist for the drafting of a new Constitution.

VII. Conclusion

To conclude, I deeply hope you are able to cast your vote for Joshernaut and NinWin1 to become the next Governor and Lieutenant Governor this Gubernatorial Election. Firestone is in extreme need for leaders that are able to take the helm and strive for the best of the State. Our speech was made to be very informative on what our plans are when it comes to taking on these positions. We promise that we will try and do our absolute best to serve you, the citizens, this next term. Make the right choice this upcoming election and vote for the candidates we need!

Any questions may be posted below or sent to our DMs which are listed below.




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