Job Posting: Crime Scene Cleaner

About the Company: After a crime is committed and there is a mess left from the incident, such as blood splats or broken objects, Firestone Crime Scene Cleaning responds and goes into deep clean the area to decontaminate it, making it usable again. We were established in early March, however, we have just started hiring.

1 Month of Employment: 60 FSD/Scene Cleaned
2 Months of Employment: 150 FSD/Scene Cleaned
3+ Months of Employment: 230 FSD/Scene Cleaned

We also give out bonuses to people who responded to scenes between the hours of 11 PM EST to 9 AM EST.

Night Call Bonus: 40 FSD
Supervisor Bonus: 100 FSD
Instructor Bonus: 60 FSD

Job Type:
Part-Time, as the only time you go on duty is when you’ve been called out.

Number of hires for this role:

Work Location:
Around the entire county.


  • Be a citizen in Firestone for at least 15 days.
  • Have below 5 citations and below 2 in the past 2 weeks.
  • Have no felonies on record
  • Have less than 2 misdemeanor charges on record
  • Be involved in the Firestone community, have a good understanding of where everything is located.

How to apply:
Join our discord here and visit the employment channel:

If you have any more questions regarding the job, feel free to DM JayhawkBosun#5395.


very creative, i love this type of creativity and entrepreneurship. best of luck


Thank you sir, glad to hear others also are enjoying the idea of a Crime Scene Cleaner as well.


I think this would be kinda useless. Mostly when rp’s end people reset, leave, ect. I don’t think this would change what they do, plus there’s nothing that could be taken as evidence, besides dirty money, and the tools you need to rob a bank or a store, which they require you to be a law enforcement officer to have.


not gonna lie to you, i see this business dying due to inactivity, solely because how are you supposed to know where every crime takes place


we’d run off a paging system and it’d only be for large incidents such as bank robberies


It’s a good idea in theory but in practice, FBI will be controlling the majority of the scenes. If there’s no FBI on scene to a bank robbery then the chances are they will be enroute to be able to scan money. If it is found that the company is taking evidence before we have investigated it then it could lead to some serious problems.


Yup, I’ve already reached out to the director and he is willing to try to figure out a way with us to where we can work together at these scenes.


We don’t collect evidence, we clean any contaminated debris or furniture/items that have not been taken and after the scene has been cleared as they do in real life.


That’s funny cause my other friend sent me that as well when I made the company


good luck


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