JasonBourneAxis Exposed & Defending Blastatack

Alright, allow me to break this down.

JasonBourneAxis, an individual who has became extremely incompetent and has failed to fulfill his duties within the state legislature is back at it again with his utter shed of hypocrisy.

So to break this down, Jason, you have no idea at what you’re actually talking about. First, you try to expose him in front of congress by telling everyone that they shouldn’t be listening to him because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. In reality, you don’t know what you’re doing because if you did, people wouldn’t be calling for your expulsion from congress.

Oh, and apparently you have the audacity to talk about experience, so lets do so.
Blastack is an individual who’s been the POTUS of NUSA, along with Pathwaybballs, SuddenRush12G, and some of the other legends that you probably won’t ever compare to. On top of that, he’s held almost every cabinet position in NUSA, has been on the Supreme Court, and has been an active member of the community and in congress for years upon years.

So I guess the lesson is, don’t call somebody out who outranks you in almost every single virtue possible and has been apart of the ro-nation community since the beginning.


God damn.


rip jason o7


my dude
you’re trying to find everything you can get on me to lose the election
it’s my fucking opinion, deal with it
and timothy, people were rushing it and bringing invalid evidence towards the explusion
stop attacking me for my opinion to what i think about this person
and stop trying to find everything you can get on me to lower my rep, it’s bullshit because i know for a fact you are biased against me
this is honestly another attempt to lower my rep, which comes from you. and we all know that you really just don’t like me as you even said in my dms

so this isn’t really a expose thread, but bullshit coming out of that mouth of yours, i’m sorry for what i’m saying, but I had enough of the many attempts to lower my rep and make me look like a bad person. I had enough with people saying I did coups, I had enough of the bullshit expulsions that couldn’t prove anything and tried to bar me from congress, I had enough of the bullshit that other people do anything to ruin my career, coming from you, a man who streamed himself running the former governor over when he was a senator and called it a fucking “joke” and you trying to “expose” me on a FNN live stream by calling me a “kid” so what if I am a kid, so what if I don’t think he has the experience, it’s all my opinion, and that’s something even a person like you who’s older then ME cannot understand.

i have done my duties correctly, and finished my whole term, something that you sir, couldn’t even do, and instead got a warrant and a bar.
thank you very much, have a nice day sir.


if u dislike someone calling u out then why r u calling someone else out @jasonbourneaxis


ruining other peoples carreers for major crimes, not minor crimes @R_udy

The only thing jason did wrong was with iLordOfAviation, but with other people (i.e fobagosalot, DPS Sec, etc) Jason did the right thing