Jacobbron & cooldudesub for Arborfield

Jacobbron & cooldudesub for Arborfield

“Promises Made, Promises Kept”

About Us & Speech:

Jacobbron: Hello and good afternoon! My name is Jacob (as you might have guessed from my username), and I’m running for Mayor (again)! If you didn’t already know, my administration and I have been working HARD to get the City of Arborfield back on track… and we’ve accomplished so much to do that! What I have accomplished in this city during my tenure as Mayor of Arborfield are some things that people did not expect from the City of Arborfield. In this city, I accomplished the unthinkable. I established the first mayoral decrees with the City of Arborfield, establishing legal executive offices WITH mayoral decrees, creating a proper record system for all legislation so we wouldn’t lose our legislation and to make things neater, establishing the first awards within the City of Arborfield and regulating them with a mayoral decree, establishing mayoral addresses within the City of Arborfield, and doing a variety of other things. We accomplished this by requiring the Office of the City Clerk to do Session Recaps for each session, also known as sessional bulletins, as well as requiring the Office of the Press Secretary, Office of the City Attorney, and the Office of the City Clerk to submit Monthly Administrative Reports (of which none have been submitted as of yet), and I intend to release every single report to the public so that residents of the City of Arborfield and citizens of the State of Firestone can see what my administration is doing whereas other administrations in the past for the City of Arborfield may have just left their residents and citizens of the State of Firestone out in the cold. There is still so much I want to do to help Arborfield recover from the terrible tragedy of not having a proper, functioning government, but the only way I can continue to do so is if you do your part and support me and cooldudesub. Remember, you are the one who helps plan your city’s future by voting for the right leader; make sure you vote for the right one.

My Experiences Within the State:

FDPW Supervisor
FDOBW Water Technician (Incumbent)
Arborfield City Councilman
House Representative (Incumbent)
Founder/CEO of Firestone Transit
Arborfield Mayor (Incumbent)

cooldudesub: Howdy! I’m cooldudesub and I will be running for Deputy Mayor alongside Jacobbron. I’ve served in several places within this state, from a Trooper to a Representative, I’ve learned many lessons from several people. I believe that with my background, knowledge and experience within this state, that I can fulfill my current duties as Deputy Mayor to the fullest extent over these next months if elected with Jacobbron. Over the past week after being nominated and confirmed as Deputy Mayor, subsequent to MisterTypo’s resignation,me and Jacobbron have been actively working on the city itself, as well as preparing for the next term. I’m honored to serve the City of Arborfield as City Clerk, and now, Deputy Mayor. Here is a list of my past and current experience within the state, to help you get a better understanding of me:

  • Representative, State of Firestone x2 (incumbent)
  • Deputy Mayor, City of Arborfield (incumbent)
  • Chairman, City of Redwood (incumbent)
  • Advisor, District of Prominence (incumbent)
  • Investigator, Department of Public Safety (incumbent)
  • Correctional Officer, Department of Corrections (incumbent)

Public Outreach Ideas:

Ever since this administration has been in place, I would say that activity has increased within the City of Arborfield just by visiting our local businesses and doing events with them. Still, not a lot of activity as we had hoped for when the administration was put in place, but we still reached our goal which was to get activity up. Well, we plan to still do that but with some more stuff.

  • Establishing a more stable and firm communication with our local businesses and maybe a few other businesses outside of the City of Arborfield which seems important enough to be a part of the stable communication.

  • Working with businesses to do mass roleplay events (mass outages, a donation drive, BBQ events, etc).

  • Working with our police agencies to do mass roleplay events and to attempt to establish briefings with the police agencies to see what they need from us and to discuss important matters about the city.

Our Agenda:

This term, we intend to do a lot of things, notably big things. Please bear in mind that we realize we could have completed some of these tasks during our previous term, but we would prefer to wait until we have more time to ensure that we complete them properly and without rushing.

  • Creating a disciplinary system for the Executive Branch in the City of Arborfield.
  • Making sure that city’s pipelines and electrical lines are replaced and intact with new ones (with permission from the Department of Public Works, Department of Transportation, and Governor of the State of Firestone).
  • Continue the work of making the new City Charter for the City of Arborfield.
  • Establishing a game for City Council in-game sessions for Arborfield Council.
  • Establishing a required Open Office for every two (2) weeks to every month for the City of Arborfield.
  • Establishing a Mayoral Library for the City of Arborfield.

We will have a lot more things as time goes on, but these six (6) are our key objectives to fulfill over our term (if we get elected into office).

As you have seen, we have made A LOT of changes within Arborfield which is leading it to rise up to its new glory, which has never been seen before. We would like to continue seeing that for the City of Arborfield. If you agree with us and our plans for the City of Arborfield, then make sure you say “support” in this post. Thank you for reading this.





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From your plans when you originally ran, which have you met and which do you plan to continue to work on?

I used to have a checklist but MisterTypo owned it and he deleted it, but I can tell you them. When we first ran, we met all of the goals like establishing all of the executive positions legally within the city, being more inclusive within the charter, establishing awards and mayoral addresses; basic things for a city within the State of Firestone is what our plans were at the time when we ran because the City of Arborfield didn’t have those things. So the only things that I am still working on are the rewrite of the City Charter, which takes time but I expect it to be done within the 2 weeks to a month of my term (if we get re-elected again).

Floatmasonjason (the Governor) supports us!

Okay, do you plan to continue how you’ve been doing things through your first term? How do you compare yourself with crankyIuke’s Administration, do you believe you’ve improved Arborfield, stayed the same, etcetera?

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Yes, I do plan to continue what I’ve been doing my first term. We’ve had a lot of success in my first term and some praises for the way we turned the city around. I compare my administration with cranyluke’s way more active and very transparent compared to theirs. I think we have improved so well as a city and it surprised a lot of people that it’s actually becoming more of a sophisticated city now instead of it looking like a collapsed ghost town with no government at all. I am proud of what standards I’ve built so far within the city but if I get elected again, I am going to push the standards even more because my original plan was to rebuild Arborfield, and there’s still a lot that needs to be rebuilt still.


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