Issues you think need to be fixed within Arborfield

Hello, Councilmen Aegis_Miller here requesting your help, As you know I took a oath to serve the city of arborfield and part of that is to hear what the community thinks, so I am wondering what you believe needs to be fixed in Arborfield LEGISLATION WISE! If possible reply with what you think.

Okay Thanks
If you want to help but don’t have a forums account dm me Aegis M.#0258 on discord.


i think that arborfield really doen’t need to get fixed.

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Just to confirm, You mean there’s nothing to fix within the City of Arborfield?

yes, i am sure

There’s always something needed to be fix Always.


You believe Arborfield is okay where it’s at?

I have not had any problems with Arborfield and to be honest I don’t go there often.

no one follows arbitrary city or county law :slight_smile:


Well that has to do with the crime rates, We may need to increase more LEOs in Arborfield.

I don’t know what you can really do about that…

We will see.

I feel bad for you since you’re trying, maybe it were more scso patrols in arborfield since it has dealers for criminals

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Thank you, I will try to see what I can do.

theres nothing u can do to force scso to patrol in arborfield
there’s rarely crime in arbor so nobody wants to patrol in arbor

i tried doing this last term; ultimately there are no issues with arborfield because nobody cares about arborfield. it’s unfortunate but it’s true.

Cranky, cranky is an issue


How is he a issue?

Thank you.

i concur