Is Firestone a business-friendly state?

for all of the fs posters who have some decent knowledge of general business practices and ethics in the state of firestone these questions are for you. it’s been common knowledge from business entities that firestone is not a, so-called “business-friendly state.” how truth is this? is this just a subjective opinion depending on whom your asking? do many business owners share such sentiments and grievances? what needs to be done to turn this attitude around – or am I just imagining this?

your cherished and intelligent thoughts are welcomed with open arms

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Yes and no. For the longest time (5 years), it wasn’t and no businesses got any attention whatsoever. Nowadays, I’m sure that’s changed and some businesses are receiving development and whatnot.

From my perspective, and this may be completely wrong, businesses that have more social connections generally receive more developmental attention.

tl;dr moreso if you’re friends with the right people


Firestone itself, yes it is indeed a business-friendly state as the founders realized how much activity businesses provide the game and life to the community.

other then that ill keep my comment that minimal as my other criticisms were discussed elsewhere.

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I think the social connections help you grow, which gets you founder attention. So your not completely wrong.


Definitely more business-friendly now than ever before.

I remember when I worked in Commerce in 2019 and there was no business that was really functional, and “commerce articles” were published to help give businesses attention. But today, it’s really easy to obtain publicity if you wish to start a business and Commerce is on top of their game. As others have indicated, ‘friends in high places’ (such as a developer taking notice of your entrepreneurship idea and liking it) goes a long way.


excuse me have you forgotten wall-e services

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Not sure where you heard this from.

The Department of Commerce attempts to make sure as many permits get processed as quickly as possible and make sure that as many businesses pass their inspections so that they may operate.
Now, like real life (but sped up), majority of businesses will fail within their first year due to lack of interest, lack of time, not knowing how to setup and operate properly, realising developer support isn’t a given thing (even though it says it in our policies), etc.

The private sector is the best it’s been in a long time for businesses to thrive and a lot more businesses are receiving developer support now for showing continued activity and growth within the state (don’t ask me what’s up with SPG).

Part of my responsibilities within the Department of Commerce is keeping statistical records for each month and each year and I’ve started to notice that less businesses have been applying as time has gone on, which was most likely caused by a lot of countries coming out of lockdowns and restrictions and people getting back to their normal lives meaning they have less time for Roblox or that the players that have been around for years are slowly disappearing as they get older leaving the state to newer (some might say less competent) players who might not be aware of the private sector and how it works which will hopefully change when our Public Affairs Office gets set back up under its new leadership.

If you have any more questions or concerns or would just like to follow Commerce’s operations, feel free to join our Discord server.

Deputy Chief Inspector
Department of Commerce

Loved it. Bring it back!

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same happens irl to an extent soooo

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mostly yes, as long as you are consistently active

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Its not.

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