Interest on money in banks


Something was brought up in a stream that made me think why this doesn’t exist yet. While someone has money deposited in the bank, there should be interest earned while that money sits in the bank. Maybe every 30 min it gets increased by 1%. I know that there are many people out there who have stacks sitting in the bank, and they go back 2 months later, and the amount stays the same.

tl;dr interest system on money in banks


lets have stocks too!!!

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confused !

Yes! This could create businesses who use the interest collected on their money to loan it out.

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Brbr Going to create a Stock Market

It was tested in Mayflower, it was decided that it wouldn’t work. There was a stock business in Firestone. The stock system on roblox simply won’t work.

It would work, you just need dedicsted people running it legitimately, raising stock prices if the business is booming, or if not, etc.

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We’ll be the richest motherfuckers in the world.


not even stocks, legit put money away and get money from it