Informational Message from Department of Public Safety

Dear Firestone Citizens,

I have been selected as the Community Relations Representative out of the Firestone Department of Public Safety and with this, I would like to touch up on a few subjects, including the importance of my rank to the Firestone people, especially Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s) within our child departments.

To begin with, I would like to officially address the petitions and threads against the department, particularly petitioning the want to abolish the department. As this is the right of the people to petition the department and its decisions. I would like for everyone to realize and understand that the changes the department has made and will continue to make, are in the best interest of Law Enforcement Officers and the role-play environment in the county.

Recently, a change that sparked controversy was the First Aid Certification being mandatory for all Law Enforcement Officers employed under our Child Departments. This change has been made to allow Law Enforcement Officers to be able to render a basic level of aid to a downed individual, rather than waiting for Stapleton County Paramedics.

Next, as a Community Relations Representative for the Department of Public Safety, I will personally be looking through DPS related threads that address legitimate questions, concerns, or issues. I also urge department employees to reach out to me if a Public Service Directive or other policy comes in conflict with their operations, as I will be there to represent Law Enforcement Officers perspective on these changes.

To conclude, I encourage all those affected by changes the Department of Public Safety to professionally voice their concerns. The department often has the right ambitions that can be easily misconstrued due to others opinions. I also want all Law Enforcement Officers, they can voice their concerns via Messaging me and/or crafting threads that adequately describe their concerns in a professional and mature manner, which will be imperative if you wish to receive a response.

Any Questions, Comments, and/or Concerns can be addressed my messaging me accordingly through Discord: SouthernMorality#8967

In Regards,

Community Relations Representative,
Department of Public Safety.