I am Alive

Hello all, or those that may remember me. If you don’t, just stick with me for the next paragraph or so. My name is Jackson026, most recently known as District Court Justice Jackson026 of the Firestone District Court. In addition to this, I am a retired Captain of the Firestone State Patrol, Deputy of the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office, Federal Protective Service Officer of the F.S. Department of Homeland Security, and Mayor of the City of Redwood for some time before being appointed to the court. Now some of you may be aware that I was removed from office due to inactivity, I want to address that. I would first like to apologize for lacking in my duties as a District Justice, as I was essentially without access to internet for quite some time, unable to notify others as to my leave of absence. I am not using this as an excuse, nor do I intend to pursue a position in the courts, or anywhere in Firestone. The truth is, I have come to realize that there is a lot more to do in life than playing this game, this game that will never be real as much as some of us would like to play it out to be. I have decided that it is indeed time for me to move on to continue pursuing the things in life that matter, the tangible achievements that I can hold and put on a wall and say ‘I did this.’ I have loved my time playing with all of you, arresting some of you, sentencing a few of you, prosecuting and defending some, and having many stories to tell from the time I’ve had with you all, but, just like anything else, good things must come to an end. I do not regret anything that has happened both in this game and in real life, for I believe everything happens for a reason. To all of my friends, I would like to just say thank you for allowing me to have spent time with you and have fun on here. If I do not specifically address you, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like you or anything like that, but I’m going off of the most memorable people that I can remember.

Within State Patrol:
WaterLostic (or whatever his new name is now) - You were always a good boss who would stick up for his people, and I liked that about you. Some of the things you would do were controversial and you caught a lot of heat from it, but I always viewed you as a good friend and leader. Take care buddy.

Alpha - We’ve had a lot of good times and memories pal, whether it be on discord or in-game, you are one cool guy, you are good with working with just about anybody. Don’t change who you are for anybody.

JordanLewis (if he’s still in Firestone) - You were my very first supervisor when I came to state patrol however long ago (we’re old folk compared to some of the newer people), and while I really did not always agree with what you had to say on the personal, joking side of things, professionally, you were a good supervisor and got things done.

Booba - Man, I honestly don’t remember what rank you were, Lieutenant Colonel or something, but I do remember the hilarious conversations we would get ourselves into, and some of the different scenarios we would end up in within the game, you have a good personality and you care about the people around you (for the most part), you’re a great guy, and best of luck in your future endeavours.

Firestone National Guard
TImshep07 - Dad! My time has come to go, you are probably one of the closest people that I have known in Firestone, way back from when I was a Sergeant and you were merely a Trooper in my unit to you outranking me as a Major, you know what you want and how to get there, keep that quality in your life. Pursue your passions, and continue to show people the amazing person and leader you can be. You’re going to be great my dude.

Firestone Courts

DannyBoyLaw - Now you and I both know we’ve had our disagreements in the course of Roblox spanning way back to Norfolk, we did not always have the best relationship, but when it was time to get business done, I give you your props for that. You helped shape the judicial system in this state and the courts, helping to make it what it is today, while we were not friends, you are certainly someone I would want on my team for business. Perhaps consider adjustment on how you go about doing some things, but other than that, you’re good at what you do, and your work is appreciated, even if you don’t hear it much.

I"m not done yet, I’ll finish the rest later.


Bye friend.

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im a DCJ now daddy jackson :weary:


Thanks for the words of encouragement. It’s inevitable that we will all leave the game for better things but it is sad to see you go!


Good bye son. I will remember you.

@anon54114525 Can we put the names of important people in FS in the cemetery if they quit?

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Goodbye Jackson, I’ve always liked you and we go back all the way to Norfolk. I remember good times with you!

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hahaha f

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