How to become a Firestone State Ambassador

1. Apply at the Firestone Universal Application Center

You can find the link as follows:

2. If Accepted, Attend a Staff Training

In the process of becoming a Firestone State Ambassador, you need to have held employment within the Firestone State Department, before getting nominated. Therefore, you will need to have completed the State-Employee training, to become a State Department Employee.

Holding employment in the Department of State will make you eligible to become a State Ambassador.

3. Hold Employment within the State Department for 2 Days

I know this number seems AWFULLY low, but in reality, the Firestone Department of State currently has 0 ambassadors, so we’re working very hard to prepare the department for the best of foreign relations.

In order to preserve the progress we’ve made, we need to ensure candidates to become nominated for State Ambassadors, are equipped with the right skill-set, and knowledge behind the State Department before doing so.

4. Attend a FETC Training

A FETC is the State Departments Foreign Education Training Certification, that you MUST obtain to become a State Ambassador for the State of Firestone. You need to pass your FETC Examination with an 85%+ to pass, in order to move along in the process of becoming an Ambassador.

5. Secretary Recommendation

As Secretary of State, I will write a letter of recommendation to those who have passed their FETC’s, and have followed alongside all department policies until this time. In order to become a Firestone Ambassador, you need to submit a form to the Secretary, once you have your FETC, in order for a letter of recommendation to be sent.

Not everyone will be sent that of a letter of recommendation, rather those who have expressed their want, and those with the experience, and abilities to become said Ambassadors.

6. Governor Nomination

You then will be nominated by the Firestone State Governor, if he/she believes you’re fit for the position, per Firestone Constitution.

7. Senate Confirmation

You then will need to give a speech in front of the Firestone State Senate, for your confirmation into the position of State Ambassador. If confirmed, you’ll officially become an ambassador, if failed, you’ll remain a State Department Employee.

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