Another one of my topics blabbing about stuff that should be added to Firestone;

So, the question is, will houses actually ever be added to Firestone? Now, I know there’s gonna be those guys that talk about lag but I’m thinking of v3 here. Now, there were some houses in v1, that weren’t really appealing nor claimable. Will a house system ever be added? It’d be cool if there was a menu kind of like from lumber tycoon 2 for houses, and they’re a one time purchase, but only several houses are in the game. Maybe like 3 large houses 6 medium 9 Small 12 trailers. Then the other thing, house customization. A furniture choice would be nice, but nothing too hard. If you’ve ever played Saints Row 2, they did have a nice house customization, and it would be cool if you could remake that.

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A system like the town of robloxia would be nice for houses. A better version though, like click it and get a GUI. There could be a house key that unlocks and locks all the doors.

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