Holyros11 for Prominence District Council

Hello, Citizens of Firestone, I am holyros11. I am running for the Prominence District council. I am hoping to start a political career in Firestone, and I feel this is the best way to do it!

Experience in Firestone;
Firestone Department of Public Works: Public Employee
I am also POST Certified.

What I hope to achieve:

-Encourage businesses to our area and help them thrive through new laws and events.

-Be at and host events with the Administration to be engaged within the community.

-Make sure that everything within the District is running smoothly, and help out where I can to ensure that Prominence is a great place to work and visit!

-Ensure that there is transparency between the District Council and the Citizens.

My Experience may not bedazzle you, but I can assure you I will work my hardest to better the District and help fix any problems that arise. I believe that the Business sector is huge in Firestone, and we should make sure they and the citizens are represented by Municipal Government. I hope to do that if I am elected to the District Council.



I support!





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User not on ballot. Not enough supports.

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