Hello, question cause i couldn't find the answer in the discord

Is there possible way you can purchase a house in v2? if not can congress make bill or something where DoCM can give people houses? because I would like my own house for role-play.

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just use any house lol

yes but i want to own my house and ban people from land

Or they could allow municipalities to do that, which I’ve been suggesting for months now


So congress can legally give someone the power to sell houses?

im no legal expert but i dont think anyone issues residential land atm. commerce does commercial land, and why would a dept who manages businesses manage residential land…? also, DOCM can issue land that they deem well, land, so they can in theory issue houses, but i think municipalities would be best to do it.

use a gun

Hopefully we can, That would be good.

Philp the answer is no. Mostly because RW and Arbor Res isnt for selling. That’s a V3 Feature.

not in v2 sorry

hi phill!!!

mainly i think this would have to have a development aspect to it so that newbies don’t get arrested because they are roleplaying having a house in our state.

you can always role-play having your own house, there’s nothing wrong with that!

i was gonna make a const amendment that allowed for this

but i did not want to mess with the constitution

const says government can’t sell land it owns (eg arborfield)

but it could give it like commerce :sunglasses:
until they ask it back and the person refuses and sc gets called in

Commerce can distribute land similar to business properties and Congress can establish law to distribute public property - but not at any expense.