Hecxtro & MrEmote for Change


Table of Contents
I. Candidates
II. Domestic Agenda
III. Foreign Policy
IV. Conclusion

Section I - The Candidates

Gubernatorial Candidate Hecxtro

Hi everyone, I want you all first of all to know every word in this speech is the truth. My name is Hecxtro and I’m running for the office of Governor. Many of you all will likely recognize me from my work in the legislature, but I want to reach out to all of you, even those that don’t know me. I want you all to know who I am as a person and why I am absolutely the most qualified for office. Regardless of what you want to say about me, you can’t say that I don’t care about this state. I’ve spent countless months taking on tasks that no other official had the intent or care to, such as my projects involving the criminal code or the college of law. I work tirelessly for this state, I try to interact with each and every one of you and help you wherever I can both in our government or in court.

Why did I decide to put myself before you all in this election, you might ask. It’s really simple. I hate how toxic some members of our government has become. Some people in our Congress have an agenda, so they refuse to help peace officers do their jobs. Some people are scared of judges lashing out against them in court. Some people believe that our government does not give one single fuck about the problems that affect them daily. This is not how it should be. I am so sick and tired of the mockery that has become our government. I won’t accept it. Firestone deserves better.

Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate MrEmote

Hey there, you probably know me as MrEmote, the current President Pro Tempore. I’ve been in the community for a very long time and seen almost every side to Firestone. Most notably my experiences in the government and as a presiding officer. The office of Lieutenant Governor isn’t an easy position to fill, however, I am confident that I am able to bring both activity, diligence and order to Congress. I have full knowledge and practice of presiding experience and a bond with the community especially. I thank Firestone for giving me as many opportunities as I have and hope to contribute the most I can as Firestone continues to push forward.

Section II - Domestic Agenda

The centerpiece of our domestic policy- our law enforcement officers. Our peace agencies are growing in numbers, as is our state. I personally believe that our departments are doing excellent thus far.

Now I don’t believe this means that the branch doesn’t need change. By change I don’t mean micromanaging. I am not a power-hungry person and it is not my intent to overstep department command structures- in fact, that’s what I want to try and avoid. I want to make it my mission to bridge the gap between our peace agencies and the other branches of government that often end up having a major impact on their operations. For example, the legislature is often engaged in heated debates over major topics that affect peace officers, such as the name and badge requirement. This whole name and badge requirement issue has just started to see a resolve- and it was because some high profile government officials finally decided to provoke Congress to do something about it. This obviously isn’t ideal. Congress should not need to be provoked to make meaningful fixes to our state. With proper intervention from the Governor, the situation could’ve been resolved much sooner and many peace officers would have no longer been the victim of malicious citizens harassing them constantly.

I believe it’s the responsibility of the Governor to understand what his branch needs. However, this is often not the case- something I seek to fix. Coordinating with the cabinet over pertinent issues will be one of the top priorities of my senior staff. I trust the cabinet to know what their departments need. The cabinet should trust me to take their advice and help them in any way possible. The office of the Governor is a very influential position, a factor that some previous governors have simply neglected. I plan to use this power to help you all, for better.

I remember when I was a uniformed peace officer, a long long time ago. I had no care for what was happening in our government, none at all. I just wanted to have fun and do my job. I don’t believe that I was ignorant of what was happening, but rather that I simply didn’t care to be updated on all the gossip in our government. I think there’s a lot of people in our peace agencies that are the same. With this, I want to say that I believe it’s our responsibility as leaders to create and maintain this environment for peace officers to not only have fun but grow as people and contribute to our state. We don’t want our peace officers scared of ending up in court, rather, we want peace officers that know what they’re doing and are confident in doing so.

We also understand that with the full release of V3 there are going to be many new exciting experiences for our citizens and peace officers alike. We want to make this transition as easy as possible. Our government is facing a brand new era, we must learn from the mistakes that we have made in the past and not make them again. The administration of our government must help our agencies adapt to this change, it doesn’t get simpler than that. Coordinating with existing agencies along with the newly created agencies in this transition is crucial. Our government will have to adapt to these new challenges, but I am more than confident that my administration can make this transition as easy as possible.

Another important subject is the reformation of our Legislature. For far too long has Congress been the most frowned upon branch of our government. I won’t totally discredit our legislature entirely however, I personally know that there are a number of good people in our Congress that truly want to better our government. However, I know there are equally as many people that operate solely for their own benefit. Congresspeople that make it harder for peace officers to do their jobs and write their errors off as “part of their jobs.” This is unacceptable. It is unacceptable that some of our legislators do not know how and simply do not want to do their jobs. Congress must be reformed and must have strong capable leaders.

We deserve better from our Congress.

It is also our belief that we must continue supporting our Judiciary. The Judicial Branch is in a much better place than it was at the beginning of the last term, and it is important we continue with this progress- mainly by continuing to increase the amount of Bar certified attorneys. We intend to do this by continuing the progress made by the Prominence College of Law.

Section III - Foreign Policy

Foreign policy is crucial to preserving the integrity of Firestone in the eyes of other nations! Despite the clear importance of solid diplomatic channels, there were some questionable decisions made this term. We have even gone as far as to have the person responsible for our diplomacy cause an unwarranted military conflict. I am not against conflict when it is needed, but the incidents that transpired were unacceptable. Our administration will be held responsible for the ramifications of their choices. We will ensure that Firestone is respected as a competent entity by other states.

It is also of the utmost importance that we do not engage in diplomatic contact with States that mistreat their own. Firestone is to set an example and show the path to democracy through themselves. We are not a reckless militaristic state, and it’s time that we act like it.

Continuing progress towards peace and prosperity is crucial. Whether this is implemented through the Group of 4 or otherwise, must be carefully examined. The future of our state is bright and so we must maintain our position as a leader amongst others. We must not fall subordinate to states such as Mayflower, rather, we must work in conjunction.

Section IV - Conclusion

I decided to keep my speech clear and sweet, an example of what I plan for my governorship to be like.

It’s ridiculous that we have veteran peace officers that face certification revocations because they didn’t have access to a good lawyer, or because they were falsely arrested for no reason, or because of a number of bullshit reasons. It’s stupid. Now I obviously don’t advocate for criminals, if you mess up because you didn’t care enough to know how to do your job, you deserve to have your certification revoked. But there are many people in this state that I’ve seen become entrapped in legal battles that all could’ve been avoided, had it been for someone who taught them better.

You all deserve better from your government. Try and convince me that our government hasn’t been doing poorly for the past few terms. I’ll wait.

My administration can and will bring the many needed changes to our government that the previous ones failed to. We are your people. Firestone needs change.

If anyone has any questions we are more than happy to answer them! Feel free to post any comments or concerns on this post, in our DMs, or in our Discord.

Campaign Discord - https://discord.gg/Kjqb5h4


Gubernatorial Candidate

Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate






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