Give more ways to distribute pay (mainly business owners and employees)

This is my first suggestion so don’t hate me for it~

As a business owner, it is really frustrating for both employees and myself to give pay when we both need to be in-game to give it.

I have the following suggestions:

a) Let people be able to distribute pay to others even if they aren’t ingame

b) Have a way to do it online like the browser database

I understand if it could cause problems or could be hard to do but this was a thought in my head for a while which is why I’m suggesting this now.


nice idea, but i dont see it happening

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cool idea

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Not rescrpting v2 for this.

Security vulnerability. No.

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well what about v3

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cant be arsed atm

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fair fair

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worth a shot

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Do you think Doctors can be arsed to do their job every day? No. They do it because they care.

Do better man!


as a businessman even though i only currently am president of a non-profit with my experience this is still a good idea that seems worth pursuing

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just print more money and throw it on streets


i don’t pay my employees so i do not relate


For v3 yes

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i dont get paid enough man

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You heard the man, do better!

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