Give LEO Fire Extinguishers

In real life, all law enforcement officers have some form of fire stoppers. With the fire script added back, they are needed for LEO in game. There has already been moments when I saw fires, and the only thing we could do was page FD, and try to keep civilians away from the fire. We need some way to stop fires



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@devs make it so you can open the trunk and take stuff out, like safety vest and fire extinguisher

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Topic: Adding Fire Extinguishers to the Police Cars

In Real life, most of the time, Law Enforcement are first on scene to Medical and Fire Calls. Since most fires are in Redwood now, and the Fire Department is located in Arbor, it takes them 3-5 minutes to arrive, that depends on trolls ramming into them.

In my City, the Police Cars are equipped with an AED and/or Fire Extinguisher. Where this would go in the city is possibly in trunk. When you click on the trunk, it puts a fire extinguisher into your inventory, and when your done, you would click on your trunk again to remove it. This would prevent the fire from spreading and possibly getting the fire down a little bit for so that the Firemen/women can enter and get the fire out.

Honestly, this is my opinion, but I think this should be an option

Poll for Above: Should this be added to Stapleton County?

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  • No

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it’s a good idea, but realistically that’s 99% for vehicle accidents, which don’t produce fires in v2.

knowing cops, y’all will put out the fire before FD gets there, which is not cool. FD needs the call activity. LEOs don’t need to be fighting structure fires


Plus, not all patrol vehicles carry fire extinguishers, it’ll most likely be carried in a utility vehicle.

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DUDE I WANT MY CAR TO be in fire

so let it happen

light em up :fire:

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Disagree. As a Trooper our jobs arnt to be “Firefighters” If we have a fire we just simply call it in to SCFD its that easy. There is no need for us to have it.


As a Former LEO and current Stapleton County Fire Department, Rescue 1 Firefighter, I disagree.

To begin with, for fires to occur, there must be a minimum of three (3) firefighters on duty and in that server. Three people is sufficient enough to have these fires contained and extinguished.

Secondly, this would create an unrealistic dilemma in Firestone. Law Enforcement Officers would go play rambo to extinguish the flames. They’d pull on scene 3 minutes for SCFD and put the flames out before we would arrive, which would ultimately give no purpose for SCFD.

You may ask, why does SCFD has so long response times?

  • SCFD is equipped with 3 command Vehicles 2 Engines, 2 Ambulances, 1 Rescue Rig, and 1 Tower Apparatus. Besides the command vehicles, our rigs are pretty laggy. This being said, we respond at a slower pace. Then multiply this by several vehicles coming, people glitching rigs, and so forth. Yes, the respond times can be an issue.

I see this having no benefit. That’s just me. I feel LEOs should stick to holding a perimeter and allowing the Fire Department handle the jobs they’re obligated to do. Why not give SCFD cuffs and allow them to arrest the trolls that obstruct them? Oh that’s right, not our job. Same concept with fires.


from an scfd firefighter/paramedic, it pisses us off when a law enforcement officer attempts to help fight a fire, if you want to do that, please go through proper training and join the Stapleton County Fire Department. the most this would be needed for is if your car is in an accident and your car “catches” on fire.

Your lifesaver,

Firefighter/Paramedic Andrew_Aviate


Not needed, gives SCFD no purpous


Giving LEOs extinguishers would be like giving DOT handcuffs. They will try to put out fires for SCFD.

Trooper RocktonLaw

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