General 1SuperChris2 Abuse Complaint

Today I was being charged for threatening him for no reason :expressionless:. I was being Kidnapped by a man of 6 and all saying Do it or Die. They told me to say Stuff for like Im going to kill you. and Bombing the game. He told me to ask for 100k. I would also like to bring up that he did a Hit n Run. I was fatally shot to the ground. He came ran be over didn’t say nothing he put his Military APC on me and Parked. Then we ran away. Came back and drove away. He also assaulted me for no reason. Please I would like to say that he isn’t a good Senate for our Community. He should have serious Punishments.

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Good evening Ma’am,
You see you never said “/e (message” and notified me of your predicament nor was I aware of it via any other means so how could I have known that you were doing so in defense of yourself or another person?

Also, I never assaulted you as you were detained and arrested for your threats however, I will review your warrant again.

Additionally, I am Major 1superchris2 here not General 1superchris2 (I was over the Docklands National Guard at one point so the General part is kinda valid).

General (Major) 1superchris2
District Court Justice

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This is a pretty good meme. If they don’t know you’re under duress and, even if forced, you commit a crime they gotta do something. And furthermore, you have provided no proof and the Court of Public Opinion is awful so @anon54114525 @Kat4Katrina @Samtella pls lock just gonna be a useless accusation thread

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@DannyboyJurist I don’t see a problem in this thread. Should the thread derail, then you would request the moderators for a lock. However, at the moment, this seems perfectly fine.