Flashlight For Civilian

Hello fellow Firestonians you could probably tell what this post is about just from the title. Recent update Flashlights were introduced to Department Officials (Law Enforcement). Flashlights are use to make an area or a place brighter.

Should Civilians be able to purchase Flashlights?

  • Yes
  • No

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I literally do not see a reason this isnt a thing, we need to make it shine! it should just spawn on every team & every individual



Credits: @crankyluke


v2 is too dark give us a fucking flashlight

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i cant see whenever i go to prom park for my nightly swim, we civilians really need flashlights



I think civilians should be able to buy a flashlight from all gun stores, be it illegal or not (dealer), and all gas stations.

would be cool, I support

V2 hella dark especially when you’re in the doc escape tunnels.

Let’s get us some cheap chinese lights.