Fix tools and vehicles in POST campus


The Firestone POST Training Campus has several outdated tools and vehicles, many of which do not function effectively.

For example,

  • The vehicles slide all over the place and handling needs to eb re-worked

  • The guns are outdated, with the older curser and Crouch/Sprint dooes nto work

  • Outdated radio

We wish for the POST Campus to be updated for the following reasons:

  • Cadets need to have the most realistic scenarios, with the lack of updated tools and functions, they simply cannot get a fully immersive and realistic experience

  • Vehicle handling line’s are very outdated, acceleration is slow and slides all over the place, this majorly affects pursuits and simulations

  • Radio is also outdated, without the CNTRL+G and distress signal fired in other channels

Things that would be easy to add and help a lot:

  • Place guns and tools in Server Storage, instead of only teams starterpack. This is because when we want to give guns, if :refresh is used, guns break. So we need to do :re NAME then :bring which is very time consuming and not effective.

  • Add a small script to reduce lag within the building, the campus building causes quite a bit of lag for many people due to the amount of parts in the model.

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All this post is, is just complaining the POST campus is as updated as V2. SCFD used to use a fucking broken Training Centre without working vehicles for upwards of a year, you can deal with cars not handling properly and a few inconsistencies. If cadets simply cannot take their training from a broken campus to a working V2 then they shouldn’t become certified, easy as.

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Mack handed it down eventually to myself and a fellow SCFD developer, we worked at it and our training center is fully functional now with added features like HAZMAT senarios.

but u right

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