Fix the FRP guide

First of all, why NLR not enforced anymore? I swear NLR was enforced one time. And only LEOs can flip in purusits but citizens can’t? This guide is going to kill us.

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leos are known to be “better” then us

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I don’t understand why everyone is defining NLR differently.

NLR in an example;

I am in a pursuit and I get out to shoot a cop, they shoot and KILL ME.

As usual, all of you would answer this scenario by saying that you wouldn’t come and arrest me or shoot me again at the spawn.

THUS the NLR is applied still.

@anon54114525 doesn’t understand the context when he put that in the FRP guide.

Also, the FRP guide should include things like bombs and knive RP is FRP.

I still have no idea why people say “NLR Isn’t enforced” cause it is every day. You guys just don’t know it.

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Fed’s say. There is an exception to the rule now that you can review. If you have a problem, please DM my alternative account on discord for clarification.

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