I was going through my daily trolling in London until I witnessed an MVA on the main crossroad.

Naturally the two victims were pissed and dramatically, yet humorously exchanged in a session of fisticuffs until the police came to break them apart:

This was probably the best “exchange of words” I’ve seen in a game like this and I thought it would be great to add the ability to throw hands. This would allow the lower-class scum who can’t afford a pistol, to settle their differences in an alleyway or in plain sight for others to watch.


  • This would allow LEOs to capitalise and justify ‘assault’, actually saying they got swung on in court rather than saying “he RP’d a fist at me”. It also may encourage them to use tasers more often, requiring quick-thinking to different responses, which could improve the quality of policing

  • Real men settle things with a scrap on the street, plus it’d be entertaining to see!

  • Gives me an excuse to finally shoot someone with this civilian firearm licence.


  • There WILL be some dickheads who will take advantage of beating down people and will attempt to do it at the most random or most intense times. Last thing people want is some arsewipe swinging at everyone while performing first aid

  • LEOs will have more to respond to, but hey, that’s part of the job!

If fists were to be added, it shouldn’t perform significant damage. It should take a while to actually kill someone with fists, like 50+ hits or something.

What do you all think?

ADDITIONAL EDIT: Too many racists in-game now, I need to start swinging at a couple people. Add it pls


My fear is people will punch in times when you physically couldn’t do anything like: arresting someone, being arrested, stuck in one of the damn TP doors, etc. Plus it will just ruin RP. Like during medical suituations, towing, legit being in a car, and so on. Because there will be those asswipes that just continuously punch at anything they see. I guess if they only did like one damage a hit, and had a cool down time of like 2-3 seconds each hit it could work.

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That’s what I worry about too.

But that’s why I said it would require 50+ hits to significantly damage or kill some on so it doesn’t affect RP


each hand throw should deduct a certain amount of stamina aswell


we should also have robloxians have a proper age so that if they’re 80 years old they can only throw one punch and then be out of stamina /s

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Too long, just keep it normal for now lol

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