Firestone version 2 tip jar

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The Problem:
The donation jar is supposed to display gamepasses on it but it does not. This is a problem because gamepasses do not cost anything to upload or put on sale but clothing items do. I made a post about this last year but it still has not been fixed.

Expected Result:
For it to show gamepass products on the tip jar

Reproduction Steps:
List a gamepass for sale it will not show up on the tip jar



Do t-shirts work?

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Probably but it costs robux to upload those too

Ahh yes you’re right. You can upload for free but it cost 10 robux to put on sell

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Roblox made an update which basically forces you to upload (or alternatively) use old shirts which you fully own, and using those instead of gamepasses in a game you own

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?? Gamepasses work the firestone developers are just stupid

Hey @Developer this needs fixed still please

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You greedy socialists will stop at nothing to get a handout won’t you