Firestone Transit

Buses – any status? Great idea, cheap $3-$5 ride on a bus; can be done automatically or as an agency working for the Department of Transportation.

What do you guys think?


Sounds like a good idea. But how will we know if bus drivers are online?

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I like the idea, too. It would involve a lot of work for the developers, though. And with V3 coming out I’m unsure if this is such a good idea to announce now.

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As far as I’m aware busses are going to be ran under the Department of Transportation. Bus status has been ‘WIP’ for awhile but at least a bus terminal and bus stops around the county has been established.

The idea of charging people for a ride would be cool, but would also lead to little to no riders on the bus as commuters may prefer walking or riding with a friend.

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then we need subways

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Too much lag

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Lag isn’t defined by what’s in the game – it’s defined by what makes up the game. For example; if we have a game filled with moving unions, you’ll have a laggy game, which is why meshparts are widely used as they’re not laggy and work perfectly. In the other look of things, bad scripting causes lag, so if done correctly, which is really simple, it’s adding a bus to a depot – it’ll work fine.