Firestone Job Solution

Firestone needs to have more jobs.

As of now, the types of jobs in v2 are either law enforcement / fng jobs or jobs like DOT and DPW

There needs to be more jobs in v2, but how?

First we would need a way to motivate citizens to work in a job. The way we could do this is by requiring a job in order to give money, as getting 8 dollars an hour as a citizen even though your not working is highly unrealistic.

Now we have the citizen’s motivation to get a job. All we need now is to add jobs.

Food & Water

The first way we could have jobs being made is by re adding necessities. The way we could do this is by adding companies to v2. The first type of companies we can add is companies that create food and water. How? In v2, there is currently food and water, but it is not really needed as stamina auto generates. Back in v1 if you did not get food and water you would die or unable to move. We should add this back. How would this create jobs? We can have real workers work in these gas station and concession stands in order to get money. Fast food companies would be created in firestone and those companies would hire workers to create the food.

This is just one way that we can get jobs into firestone, and there could possibly be more ways as well



god pls no

i like that one tho


I agree with this thread. Our government is wasting billions of Firestone cash a year by handing out $8 to every citizen every two minutes.


But we need communism, or atleast socialism!

Aka without UBI, Firestone’s currency would probably become stronger… But crime would increase due to cash scarcity.

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People can still get cash, its just that you need to work for it instead of playing for cash, so “cash scarity” would not happen

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lol if only “reallifians” would get 8 bucks every 2 minutes lol


I agree with this.

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I agree with, as it could lower the amount of crime that has been happening. As the citizens don’t have anything to do.

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no comrade

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if it was welfare then there would be a application or some other process of getting it. right now its not welfare its more like free money given to all citizens.

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its commerce’s fault for not voting of businesses

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I agree, we need jobs, it would also be an idea that everybody can buy and share a house. With different prices. And in a garage you could spawn cars. And some jobs should be ingame, so people could work, earn money and buy food, drinks, a house and a car.

But support by me

guest_38268 aka. Marklp1

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Welfare. But then again, the ‘$8/2min’ thing never would have worked out, so that in itself is incentive for a higher pay, because, again, civilians don’t get shit.

  1. fuck no
  2. this isn’t real life

And what happens when there’s no one to staff stores and restaurants? Maybe they’re all dying from starvation and thirst and unable to get to stores, and when they do get to those stores, there’s no one there to sell them food or drinks, and so the Circle of Life continues, and it moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love, until we find our place, on the path unwinding,
okay back on topic

ergo propter hoc good pitch, bad idea in execution. Sure, the only jobs are public services at this point, but that’s kinda why we have the Department of Commerce to incorporate businesses into Firestone, so people actually have something to do.

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When no one is staffing stores and resturants we can have a auto machine work in there until a employee/ staff member comes and the auto buying without a employee is not avalible anymore.

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If we want to have crime drop we need to add jobs into this state. Without it, the crime rate will continue to go up.

We can NOT continue to have only public service jobs and LEO jobs only

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