Firestone is in a Law Enforcement Crisis

So, for the few of you who have been going to Stapleton County, we can all agree it is a mess.

Why is it a mess?

Everywhere you go, there are people who think they’re so cool that they troll people constantly, and the problem is our law enforcement of nearly 400 can barely manage to get ten into a server. It is annoying.

People are saying that Stapleton County is too laggy for them to patrol in. If that’s the case, then why the hell are you a law enforcement officer if you’re not going to patrol in your own county?

Not only that, but when there is law enforcement on, and people call 911, it takes 30 minutes minimum for someone to respond to it.

I am not seeing any change from the heads of the law enforcement departments or the Governor. Activity needs to step up, because we are falling into inactivity.


LEO is honestly doing fine not sure where you got this from

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I got this from walking around Stapleton County in the past few days.


I see leos in almost every server

There are not enough on.


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So much shit happens in front of leos before they can even respond to calls

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Yeah well if every citizen or at least 90% of them could be normal, law-abiding people, this wouldn’t be a mess.

I’ve been in numerous society-style RP groups and Firestone is up there with the biggest crime rate and most cancerous in server. Mayflower is a close second.

Can’t have a go at the police when others don’t wanna chip in the roleplay vibe.


That’s what the result is when we try to become a front page game.


It really hasn’t been as bad as you make it out to be. I usually have five to ten officers in my servers when they’re full.

Also, this.

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Well maybe police can’t respond to your 911 call about an assault, when they are busy chasing a hit and run and grand theft auto suspect who will log at the end of the 50 minute and laggy chase anyways. The police tend to get pre-occupied by the FRP’ers they can’t even RP with the good people.

Police can’t just drop what they are doing to go and help. Again SC is very laggy too, I had certain parts of the map I knew I couldn’t patrol due to lag with those cars.

I wouldn’t say it’s an activity problems either, as every time I go to the county police are everywhere dealing with FRP’ers.


LEO’s are doing fine.

And to be honest I dont blame them for trying not to patrol; V2 is too laggy: the cars shoot back at 160MPh when you go in reverse, the cars are too laggy to even control, the guns glitch out and make your entire character glitch out


blame fed… :eyes:

I was thinking about making a pre-POST training academy, or post-POST training academy (hahaha) slash training camp for LEOs who majorly need the in-county experience. It’ll mainly go over what they’ll witness in the County, and get them ready for the real work, not the made-up amazing RP scenarios POST makes.
But because my moms credit card expired, theres really nothing I can do.

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Not really needed they earn experience through patrolling and participating in trainings

Idk what your problem is. Most 911 calls are answered within 5 minutes. Just walking around in SC doesn’t mean you know what happens on our side. If LEOs needed 30 minutes to respond they might had:

  • 300 other calls
  • A Major scene that needed them
  • or someone just cleared the 911 list to make it more organised and cleared your call.

Lag. The people want to patrol. I personally only have a few lagspikes per week and the rest I run smooth. But people that have lag still want to patrol. They are LEOs, they want to be LEOs and they want to patrol. If their computer can’t handle V2 they have to see what they want to do.

The US got 284 Officers per 100,000 civilians so be happy that Stapelton County got around 10 per 30 civilians.

I totally don’t see Firestone LEOs in a crisis

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haha, good one! more like a quarter of 911 calls are answered within 5 minutes


as doc I see many calls that get unclaimed, that’s because we got so many new player/noob/11 year old children playing SC all day, so not many can get on.

you have to admit at least they take what they can take
I see EMS calls that doesn’t even get claimed for 90% of the time

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It’s really not hard to pend join for a few minutes…

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Lmao if you think this is a problem, go to Mayflower. It’ll make Firestone look like a desert.

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