Firestone DPS Poll

Hey, I wanted some public input, and my question here is, as it stands, is the Firestone Department of Public Safety yielding too much power?

  • Yes
  • No

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didn’t we have a poll like this a couple of months ago


He’s not active so he doesn’t know

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he’s perfectly active !

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Once again, another useless poll that proves nothing! These get made so often and nothing is done.


tony isn’t in charge, therefore there is no problem with DPS.


this is actually a really good point lmao

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yes i am

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Senate Bill 1 is currently on the Senate docket, proposing a variety of changes to DPS. If you want to see change, urge Congress to vote aye !

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Tbh I dont think the biggest problem is the power that DPS holds. It’s the lack of competence in the Command Structure of DPS

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