Firestone Department of State [HUB]


                                SECRETARY - BLASTATACK
                           DEPUTY SECRETARY - JORDAN_CHIME
                             UNDER SECRETARY - CENOSITY

Welcome to the Firestone Department of State Information Hub via. the State of Firestones; Firestone Forums. We’ll be using this hub to update the public with information, give updates on the departments operational status, and further explain what we do within the community. For many terms, the Department of State has laid on a back-bone and has not represented our community, and State itself in a positive way that we would like to, and in our regards; trying to restore all public relations at last moment as we can.

If you have any questions regarding the application status, or have questions about the Department of State, please reach out to a command member which can be found within the Department of State Discord server!

What is the Department of State?

The Department of State, sometimes referred to as the State Department, is responsible for the functions involving diplomatic relations with other Ro-Nations. The state department works to found new diplomatic relations and increase the stability of current diplomatic relations with these other Ro-Nations, and the easy access to communication with diplomatic leaders.

What Do We Do?

The Department of State does many things including, but not limited to;

  • Implementing the State’s Foreign Policy
  • Negotiating treaties and agreements with foreign nations
  • Representing Firestone in foreign nations

In order to keep up-to-date on what we do, it is recommended that you follow our twitter page @fs_state, managed by our Public Affairs Division.


As the USEC of State, and head of the Admissions and Training’s Division, I will now be keeping applications open 24/7, all year round. The only exception to this would be myself going on a leave (highly doubtful), or there being an issue with the application system itself. Having both @steelersben07 and @Gunnnerr being able to assist me in these operations, I believe we’ll be 100% dandy!

How do I apply?
Head on down to the Firestone Universal Application Center, and click Department of State!

  • We do not accept applications that are blank.
  • We do not accept applications that are copied off of google.
  • We do not accept applications that consist of major grammatical mistakes.
  • We do not accept applications that are sent in by a criminal.

Extra Information


Under Secretary of State,

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