Firestone Caste system?

Let the truth be told to the people, which the common citizen of Firestone fails to see or even think of. You may be thinking I am speaking of popularity, but Firestone is not a popularity contest as it may appear. I will be explaining how awful and bias Firestone really is, as our entire online society we have built is based off of the Indian Caste system or any Caste system for that matter. The People of Firestone only do what the people at the top tell them to due and the top consists of several prominent and major players in Firestone wether they be active or inactive. The top does not change unless a drastic think happens.

This restricts us and who we choose as our leaders, As we have one person maybe two depending on what time it is, Who is controlling who is the next governor, Who are the popular politicians and so on. Groups have tried to do this but every single group over time has collapsed due to the hierarchy destroying their credibility and refusing to hire those who believe in the ideology which will halt the current system which is slowly destroying and eroding the State of Firestone which is why it is collapsing along with other Ro-States even though it may not seem like it is, it obviously is as Techiey pointed out before he resigned.

The caste/hierarchy system running Firestone i also over time becoming more and more distant to the public and their actual wants and needs as they don’t need the Publics support as they are already on the top and will be elected no matter what. I will not name anyone in particular but I think we all know who are in the caste system namely at the top of it.

I myself will admit to being apart of the caste system which runs our state as all of you are as well. You are all apart of it by doing nothing to end the status quo as we keep on getting the same uninovative brains in office. We must elect new and refresh our politicians and not keep our politician choices small for who we will actually elect as we all know we will only elect prevalent people to any office. This must stop. But there is only one way we can actually stop this, which is electing new people into our highest office which would be the Office of Governor, Chief Court Justice, Speaker of the House, and finally the County Executive.

With the same group of people controlling Firestone without opposition or at least prevalent opposition we are molding ourselves into failure, such as North Korea, the USSR, Cuba, and many one party communist states. Am I myself able to stop this? No, are just you no. All of us can though. But I am aware most of you won’t even take this seriously, But the truth is I don’t expect you to as you all believe in the Status quo of which I do not.

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Wow, what a masterpiece of rhetoric. But uh, if you hadn’t realized, a community where the average age is about 15 is obviously going to have social hierarchy. This is also how humans work, shockingly. In fact, our government is probably more functional and logical than most real life ones for numerous reasons. So stop trying to spread your communist propaganda.


I also just noticed you stated the CCJ is an elected office, which is hilarious. And making it an elected office would kill us all, just to note.


It is indirectly elected, As we elect the Governor of whom in the absence of a CCJ nominates a new one

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Yeah, but the CCJ is life serving, as he should be. You can’t just be like “welp time for new leadership bye FIoat!”


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The judiciary is a check on the other branches. Without it the state would have collapsed a long time ago. However, where I live Judges are elected (which I disagree with) however, electing the CCJ? Your asking for an incompetent fool to go for it and then what would we have? The removal of a vital check that prevents the abuse of power (and as I stated, helps keep the government from becoming a dictatorship) by other branches (granted they also check us by use of impeachment).

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Your sentiment and desire for change is admirable, but misguided I’m afraid.

The judiciary is supposed to be apolitical. It is supposed to be independent from the short term political whims of any given administration. By electing the Chief Court Justice, you effectively encourage and enable mob rule – and mob rule rarely ends well. If you haven’t noticed already, candidates often like to pander and cater to the electorate during election campaigns.

This is less of a problem if you’re running for public office (say, the gubernatorial race, Senate, House etc.), but what repercussions would this have for the judiciary? It would set a very dangerous precedent and cause a potentially irreparable loss of trust in our public institutions.

Change is often good if it’s well intentioned and is guided by the right principles and ideas. Change for the sake of change helps nobody.