Firestone: A federal or state government? Independent nation or a state?

State of Firestone you idiot, obviously it’s a state government.”

Okay, but hear me out first. State is a synonym for: country, nation, land, sovereign state, nation state, kingdom, realm, power, republic, confederation, and federation. State is often used to describe countries, such as “Germany, Italy and other European states.”

“Firestone’s government operates as a state government would in America.”

Does it though? Firestone runs as an independent nation, with it’s own allies, law enforcement agencies, legislature, and defense. Sure, states in the USA have this too. But unlike all states, Firestone does not have a government made up of a union of their allies that ‘rules’ above them. Firestone, instead of having a defense made up of persons from all states, we rely on ourselves for all government, defense, and law enforcement.

“Well, then why do we have a governor?”
There are countless names of Heads of State in the world. From King, to President, to Minister, to Governor-General. Of course President is the most common, but maybe Governor is just the word we use. Many nations use different words for very similar heads of state. In the end, the Governor is considered our ‘Commander in Chief’.

“All states in America have constitutions. So does Firestone.”
Yes, that is true. So I guess I can’t use the fact we have a constitution to defend the fact we are a sovereign nation. But I can. Unlike all states in America, our state does not have a constitution, written and agreed upon by all states in country. We wrote our own constitution, we enforce it, and we follow it. Instead of writing it with other states, and all of us having to follow it. States in the United States have one large constitution ruling above them all, and then another which only applies to their state.

Could Firestone ever be a ‘state’?
The state we think of when we hear the word is a member of a union of others. For this to happen, Firestone would have to form a union of other states, then elect representatives from each of the states to run the union. Considering the state of Rockport and Docklands right now, I don’t think that’s likely. Maybe if we had some more good independent nations like Norfolk this could be somewhat a possibility. But it’s likely this will never happen. This would be cool though.

I wrote this after getting in countless arguments with people about this topic. It comes up often.
What other arguments do you have against or for this? Is Firestone an independent nation? Why or why not?



an easy shot at this argument is the fact that FPS stands for FEDERAL Protective Service, but you already know that

just pointing it out


a state is any politically organized community living under a single system of government. States may or may not be sovereign.

Perhaps Firestone (RolePlay) Could be brought to a higher union of states (Reference: “Federal Protective Service”), so what is our Federal Government?


Another Example which is a real state in a nation name THE STATE OF JAPAN


provide me a tl;dr plz


I think Firestone is the federal government. We don’t have anyone above us.


I think we’re an Independent Nation.
but who knows?


I think its for a independent nation/state because there is no such thing as a ‘state homeland security’ in my opinion

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Honestly a state government would be somewhat more simple, but a federal government is technically more correct. Eh…I don’t really have a preference.

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